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March 27, 2009


Now they're using turkey vultures.

Key Quote:

Mr. Hurtado told Trooper Brian Miller that the bird was alive for a brief time following the crash. Miller declared the vulture dead at the scene, Jones said.

Vanessa Hurtado asked the tow truck driver from Eagle Towing to remove the vulture so that it would not marinate in the hot car all day, police said.

(Thanks to Barbara A and Danny)


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Wow - the comments section is really on fire over there !

Hold on - did I just post FIRST ??!!

You did, indeed; and 2nd too. I waited a couple minutes to see if you'd go for the hat trick.

How long are you supposed to marinate a turkey vulture in your car? More importantly, in what do you marinate it? Even more crucial: Why?

Things are definitely not looking good for Chrysler.

I swerved to miss a turkey vulture this very morning. I had no marinade.

Nobody wants to eat vulture. What a waste.

At least the vehicle they were traveling in wasn't airborne at the time. Turkey vultures coming through the windshield of an airplane tend to be a lot more deadly.


I thought about it, RichardtWH, but I had to actually do some work. *sigh* Darn small office, where the boss can see my screen !

As God is my witness, I thought turkey vultures could fly!

Working at this hour? Must be on the left coast. Me, I had to take the day off because gov't and prime contractor incompetence snail emulation left my project with a gap in funding.

"I beg of you, Monsieur, watch yourself. Be on guard. This place is full of vultures, vultures everywhere, everywhere."

Siouxie channeling some WKRP?

Mitch, it's one of their classic moments.

The nearest NJ Turnpike rest stop has a new special: Turkey vulture under glass.

I can recall seeing, when I lived in Virginia, the treasured double roadkill: A vulture eating the first one became the second.

"Eagle Towing"? So, like, if you ran into a deer they'd send out "Moose Towing" and if you smooshed a big turtle they'd dispatch "Rattlesnake Towing"?

Florida drivers may not know anything about traffic laws, but they do know that you slow down for vultures; the winged garbage collectors don't take off until the last minute and they gain altitude slowly. A friend of mine used to work as a wildlife rehabilitator, and would have to deal with vultures with a "sour crop," where rotting food was stuck in the gullet. The birds were taken out in the parking lot for treatment so that the building didn't stink for a week. You do NOT want to hit a sick vulture with a car.

With global warming, more vultures are appearing in northern states, and in places like New Jersey, drivers think they will react like the local flying rats. The vultures then give the drivers a refuse they cannot offer.

Ha ha Ralph. And so early in the A.M.
There are lots of turkey vultures here in CT. Large but slow. They congregate under the birdfeeders and outcompete the squirrels.

or maybe they are wild turkeys?


I almost had 2 vultures fly through my windshield years ago. Driving on a 2 lane state road, topped a hill and 2 of them were eating a carcass in the middle of the road. Hit the brakes and they started flying towards my windshield. just missed the windshield and flew over top the car. Scared the sh-t out of me. It was probably almost 30 yrs ago and i still vividly remember it.

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