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March 24, 2009


First watch this, at least briefly.

Then watch this. (But not if you are at work, or mature, or a woman.)

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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hangs head in shame for not only not leaving, but watching. and wondering if this comes in a handy purse size.

Yet somehow, we are all better for having experienced this important video.

I've said it once and I'll say it again. When Vince says, " You'll love my nuts." All I can think about it how much I'd like to see his nuts in the slap chop. Poor blog guys. Too many groin injury related items this week. Blows kiss to blog guys to make it better.

I would like to order the industrial strength version.The one that fits over Vince's head and gets hit with the big hammer.

*joins crossgirl in "walk of shame"*

I think this is a great tool (heh!) for women.

That was outstanding. I can't stop giggling. (This really does seem right up Siouxie's alley, by the way...)

Unfortunately, Dave's warning applies to me, so what did I miss?

^5, Scott.

Seems to work a lot better than slapping the guy with a ShamWow...

I'm waiting for the hydraulic version to come out. That manual one doesn't pack enough punch.

I went to college with thousands of people with accents like that. The sound of the voice bothers me more than the 'slap shot.' *shudder*

Dave, are you implying that women can't be as immature as men? I resent that!

Not near as cringe-worthy as Alastair's Brando accent on "Supernatural"...

(and by the way, Dean, you and Sam oughta pick up a couple of those, bet they work even better than the Colt...)

I can't wait to see the big Billy Mays - Vince Offer pitch off!

How can something so stupid and pointless be so funny?

Next up on Iron Shorts Chef .....

Meanie, I can only imagine what the secret ingredient might be.

Work Bot is inhibiting my inner snark junkie from enjoying some more man-related immaturity.

(snork, snork, snork) :)

I want to throttle that guy because I thought he was saying Slap Shot, yet I see no hockey at all.


"One shot - cock salad!"


At least this guy is not as annoying as BILLY MAYS, SHOUTING DOWN YOUR THROAT, GUARANTEED!!!11!!!onehundredelevenandoneninths(asadecimal)

Assuming we are, in fact, going to love his nuts. And slap away every day. And have enough cheese for a martini AND a bikini.

NTTAWWT, because we can't do this all day.

Oh, and Beware Of Imitators!

Whaaat?? Next the knocker knocker. Call now and we'll double your order. Two knocker knockers so you can double your knocker knocking. Knock knock. Who's there? Vince knockin' them back.

Now who's covering up?

nursecindy said "blow a kiss," heheheh

How to make a frilly willy.

Beware of Sham Wow Imitators! (which might be a good name for a rock band.)

Apparently the answer to having boring tuna is to get a faux-hawk.

I have thought the same things when he says "You're gonna love my nuts." I say to myself - you don't want to know, Vince, you don't want to know...

Nice to know I'm not alone, both in my secret thoughts and my delight in this entry.

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