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March 29, 2009


Space Smells Funny, Astronauts Say

(Thanks to Bruce)


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How does a vacuum have a smell?

An air freshner is a good idea but I think it would be hard to find an outlet to plug it into. And then you'd have to go up and change it every 90 days. Could get expensive.

"OK, which one of you guys has been having sex with the vacuum of space?"

You would think that with all the problems they have had with the bathrooms up there that Space Smell would be a welcome change.

"pull my finger, hal."

"I'm afraid I can't do that, dave."

I wonder if it smells like chicken?

Glade, anyone?

Isn't that Japanese astronaut the one who is testing special long-duration underwear? Just askin'....

*Also pictures American and Russian astronauts pointing accusing fingers at each other and going "eeeewwww"*

Cannot help but think of "Spaceballs."

That could be Sirius.

How does a "Black Hole" smell?

or is it correctly "African-American hole"

Anyone on the geezer bus remember Air Wick?

"pull my finger, hal."

"I'm afraid I can't do that, dave."

Posted by: insomniac | March 29, 2009 at 12:41 PM

Get out of my brain, insomniac!

Everybody thinks their space don't stink.

Space Smells Funny, Astronauts Say

Funny Ha Ha or funny strange?

"How does space smell?"



Great idea CJ !! Also Happy Belated Birthday.

In my heyday there was a perfume called Evening in Paris® that sold for around $1.99 per bucket.One order would alter the smell of the entire universe.

I am shocked. Truly shocked.

An article about odors in space, and NOT ONE reference to Uranus!

What is WITH you people?!?!?!?!?

That's Space? Sh!t, and here I've been cleaning the fridge all afternoon.

Seriously, I had hoped that seven week old Orange Chicken was the final frontier so I'm distressed to learn there's a vacuum out there with it's own distinctive odor.

*sneaks up to grab errant apostrophe*

Actually Chris at this blog we have grown past such. Also, no mention of Saturn's toilet rings, or gassy nebulas. For an indication of our high-brow commentary go check the Rod Stewart education thread.

>> "How does space smell?"<<

Like Montpellier

"ISS, Houston here. Afraid we've got some bad news, guys."

"OK, Houston, give it to us straight. We're standing by and ready to copy." (Beep!)

"ISS, this is Houston. We, uh, are afraid uh... that the space toilet has backed up again. Would you guys mind not drinking that recycled water for a few days?"

"Houston, ISS. Just how bad is it?" (Beep!)

"Well, ISS, let's just say urine deep doo-doo."

"Copy that." (Beep, boop!)

Hey, at least I stooped to mentioning the Dog Star.

I would have some serious questions as to why NASA didn't include one of those little pine-tree dealies hangin' frum the rear-view mirror ... could've avoided a big stink that way ...

*launches ginormous charcoal filter into orbit around Uranus, Chris.*

O, get back to sandbagging and shoveling snow, or your basement is gonna be an ice rink! ;]

"Houston we have an odor"

We're having the type of precipitation you don't have to shovel.Finally.

In space, no one can hear you making bad odors.

It's just that none of the astronauts/cosmonauts/taikonauts had ever smelled Nothing (with a capital N) before.

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