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March 30, 2009


A judge has ruled that pole dancing is art.

(Thanks to John Regan and Chris Lawson, both of whom are guys)


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They are absolutely right. You don't see too many men that can pull it off though.

I think they should at LEAST try. Put some motor oil on that sucker and slid around...

I'd pay to see it.

Beer makin' is an art too, but the tax the h3ll out of that!

Don't miss the comments after the article. Pole dancing is covered but Lapp dancing isn't? Ethnic discrimination!

I'm kinda partial to the late impressionist style of pole dancing, although some of those cubist ladies with the two faces .....

I've always told my husband this. If watching pole dancing is completely acceptable for the men folk, be prepared for us women folk to take it up.

I'm relieved he has not challenged this because frankly, pole dancing appears to be a freakin' challenge. And in 5" heels no less.

I'll stick with my stained glass. That and writing some poetry is about as artistic as I get. Besides I'm a klutz and what man wants to see a woman fall all over a pole.

Those weren't their faces, Meanie...

Cindy--We appreciate art, no matter how it's executed. Just keep the stained glass away from the pole...

Also, you're supposed to buff the pole before you begin. So I've heard.

Support the Arts!

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