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March 27, 2009


The Official Band of Shed Week 2009

(Thanks to Uncle Wilco)


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So does this answer your question as to why modern kids don't dance to modern "music"?

Can we start dancing now?

-comment left over from previous thread-
I bet the girls still know how to dance.

I'm a bit too old to be a Boomer ... and prolly too deaf to hear this band ... but their PR makes me think they've got the proper attitude ...

Except for the furniture part ...

If Dave had fed the phrase " middle-aged masters of anarchy " into HAL, he'd have gone infantile and blown up a lot sooner.


Will Ted Kaczynski be making a live appearance via the internet?

In me shed -- making letter bombs.

Suddenly, I am reminded of Stanley Holloway.

I have a hate-hate relationship with my shed, which is now in its designated place in the fully assembled state, after several years in parts on a pallet in the garage.

I spend zero time with it because it contains things to garden and do yard work with.

If I were to compose a song about it, it would consist mainly of explosions, shattering glass, volcanic eruptions, primal screaming, guillotine blades dropping, and other soul-rending sound effects.

Meanie sheds are great things to have. In the summer you fight rakes, lawnmowers and other stuff to get to what you need which is always at the back. And in the fall you clean them out! The whole time of course you're looking out for any varmits that have made their homes in your shed.

nursecindy, and don't forget the spiders that would be extinct without sheds.

The highlight of my garden shed's existence is that it was the site of the electrocution of a squirrel a few years ago during a lightning storm.

I just saw an announcement from our local Irish pub that they will be giving free pints of Guiness to whoever can "Riverdance" the best....

This CANNOT be good....

Blue, don't bother composing a song about your shed - just get a recording of Yoko Ono's. I'm sure she has something that would fit the mood.

*umpty-leventh name change post PRAYING it takes this time!!*

testing from cell

Yay!it worked this time.

Don't mind me. I'm just bored.Waiting for an oil change. Wanted to see if this thing finally worked.

Diva - Patience. I took me a 10 days to get mine straightened out.

Siouxie - I change my own oil. No time to get bored. Or post.

will it finally change this time?


How many Dave bloggers does it take to change a handle?

none. change comes from within.


Wow - good job, NotSherly ! You even got the "post a comment", all the way down to "remember personal info" !!

Oh wait, I lied - you even got the little "advertisements" whozit struck out !
I am impressed !

This is actually one of the ones I didn't do.
I don't think.

I am feeling kinda insignificant and ignored

Wow...a strikeout posting with nuclear capabilities

Siouxie . . blog . . .needs . . hellpp.


Sorry, NotSherly - looks like maybe it was pogo !
It's still quite impressive - !

< Jack Benny Mode On > Now cut that out!< Jack Benny Mode Off >

Well, Tele, it does sorta fit with the Not.
Not posted by
Not Post a comment
Not Name, etc.

Awww, that's ok, NotSherly - it's actually pretty funny. Belly up to the Blog Bar, let me get you your favorite beverage ...

pogo's border collies are at it again.


Sorry...this new typepoop doesn't let us fix it.

la la la

la la la

la ?

Hey, it's feexed on mine. When I first posted, it was all struck-thru. Now my post isn't.

Oooooh, waiter!!!

I'm a caveman myself.

Message to pogo's border collies: Bad dogs! Bad! Making the blog strike through everyone's remarks.

*SMACKS* pogo for letting his collies break the blog!

That's what happens when you pay careful adherence to the printed manual during the construction of Ikea furniture.

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