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March 04, 2009



(Thanks to RussellMc)


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an "unfortunate side effect of the mating ritual"?!?!!!

I'll give you an "unfortunate side effect", buster!

Cthulhu? Is that you? Hey, you're looking...uh...good.

Doesn't Souxie have a pair shoes like that?


*crosses legs*

hah! Mitch. But I don't um...well ya know...

ohhhh look! something shiny!


How the heck were they able to perform a pelvic (?) exam on the female beetles to even find out about the scar tissue?

*Pictures miniature exam table with itty, bitty stirrups.*

(Sorry, my fool dog woke me up very early this morning barking at some d@mned thing that apparently only he could sense.)

(Maybe it was a beetle. Or a Mormon.)

I totally dug it when Torture Phallus opened for Mormon Beefcake.

Funny, he doesn't look Mormon.

Mormon hat trick. Would that involve special undergarments? (when I posted, no mormonic comments were in view. Really.)

Is that a Medieval Torture Instrument in your pocket, or ...


moronic comments? here?

Think that thing ever gets the rhino virus?

"Hi Dad!"

*wonders what Ringo would have to say about this*

I think a Mormon hat trick is when the guy on Big Love "visits" all three wives in one night.

... some things and HD TV just don't go together.

I hope Miss Buxley knows about this.

Kinda looks like Ringo, don't it, Kibby?

Danny - eeew.

Siouxie - it's single.

Thanks, Annie butt...I'm the only one allowed to wear spikes.

With any or all due respect - are we lookin' at bug p0rn?

And if so, is our bug p0rn students learnin'?

Can we finally agree that being spineless is a GOOD thing, ladies?

How long before this "study" is used in a criminal defense case?

"You see your honor, wounding females during mating is just an "unfortunate side effect" of the males' reproductive strategy"

Sort of gives a whole new meaning to the old "Not tonight, I have a headache" excuse, huh?


How long before this "study" is used in a criminal defense case?

"You see your honor, wounding females during mating is just an "unfortunate side effect" of the males' reproductive strategy"

How'd that happen? I did not mean to post twice. sorry!

Now we're all on the sex registry for viewing bug porn.

With tackle like that, HE still manages to get some action.

Well, when you put it that way, Meanie.

After each mating—about five to ten in a lifetime—the wounds heal and leave scar tissue.

Sounds just like my first marriage.

Female beetles: Yoko, Linda, Barbara, Heather...

Just... Dear God.

Also, 3 points to Layzeeboy.

As male seed beetles' genitalia have evolved to be spinier, the bugs' reproductive success has improved

*note to self: have spines removed*

Tamara - must you use 'points'?

Hung like a porcupine. It's a good thing.

Okay, I know that I am in a caffeine-deprived haze, but that thing looks like it's got on a little hat and a goatee.

And you wonder why I was so pissy all the time?


OT rant:

Will someone PLEASE shut up Suze Orman? She's everywhere these days!

/end rant

Let's put her in a room with Ann Coulter. And this beetle.

I would pay money to see that.

Boy, THAT mohel really slipped...

Well of course they have had mating success. With that thing the condom keeps getting ripped to shreds.

I can't believe I just spent fifteen minutes Google imaging beetle genitalia.

What is wrong with me?

not a d@mned thing, Cat. :-)

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