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March 31, 2009


Looks like it was very stupid a lot of fun.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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A slutty Snuggie? If you spend your evenings embellishing your Snuggie then you definitely have too much time on your hands. Of course with the Snuggie your hands are never trapped inside!

"it looks like it needs more diversity"

I don't think I can top that quote without a lot more coffee.

Awful to compare those people to Druids. At least the Druids built Stonehendge*, all THOSE folks built was a bad reputation.

* with help from our Martian overlords.

I agree with Dave. This whole silly phenomenon exhibits none of the sophisticated nuance of, say, the Lawn Rangers.


i'll just sit home and drink nekkid.

I believe this is mentioned in Revelations as a sure sign of the Apocalypse. Please hurry it up.

Obviously alcohol needs to be involved in order to look that stoopid in public.



And so it starts.

From the funny pages, a simultaneous case of snuggie slamming.

Well, Morris seems to like it...

But this is going too far, I think...

*looks at second picture, thinks of 'Alien'*

(the Gumby version)

Alcohol isn't a good enough explanation for this.

When Al Roker gets involved with anything that anything officially is deemed lame.

Looks like it was very stupid a lot of fun.

It can be two things!

And that's all I have to say about that.

How drunk do you have to be?

YES!!! There's one in Scranton on the 18th. I shall be there with crap cam in hand. Any suggestions for "embellishments?"

I will also answer the, "How drunk do you have to be" question.

Layzee, you MUST wear something that would distinguish you as a Dave Barry bloglit. We need to brainstorm.

The word "Montpelier" should be stenciled on the front. Maybe "Snork" on the back.

or... BOOGER??

Layzee, you could bedazzle Buddy on one corner, booger on another, and of course NTTAWWT on the back! Or WBAGNFARB. Send pictures.

local oddball celebrity Frank Chu, carrying his 12 Galaxies sign

No further detail was provided. C'mon, SF Gate, time you learned that when you put something on the WWW your audience is no longer just the locals.

Great ideas. Of course, it's a blue garment so that IDs me as a bloglit right off the bat. I think I can get a bedazzler at Walgreen's when I'm there to get the Snuggie. (Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm the only kid on the block who doesn't have one yet).


and of course, SNORK

Layzee, those pictures would be blog-worthy I'm sure!

Anybody else want to see a picture of Layzee using the bedazzler?

Honey, I'm on the way!!

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