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March 24, 2009


(Thanks to Danny)


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They're wondering IF alcohol was involved??

Just a hunch but I'm betting alcohol was involved.

This is just that old Florida driving spirit: once you're on the road, don't let minor setbacks delay you: keep a-goin' til you reach your destination (or jail, whichever comes first)

Pinball, Florida style.

I was going to post a comment involving alocohol, but apparently some other intrepid bloggerettes beat me to it.

"Montellano, a 21-year-old Davie woman, was taken to Broward General Medical Center in serious condition."

An affliction that we bloglodytes have rarely encountered, and shall always overcome! Especially with drivers like this around for us to snork at.

And she's only 21! She'll provide us with decades of schadenfreude.

The 21 year old was the victim, pad, the driver was the 23 year old drunk.

That was my second guess (23 year old drunk). Since it was Florida my first was 85 year old who couldn't see over the wheel and was rushing to make the early bird.

Excellent quality vehicle and I think we can go ahead and check the "alcohol related" box on the police report.

Oh, come on, Jeff. This is Florida - the early bird was over by cocktail hour.

I just wonder how many cars she'd have crunched if she hadn't flipped when she did.

*snork* @ Blue

Would this qualify under the three strikes law?

LOL Meanie!

Or...bumper cars, Florida style.

Maybe they should make it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to watch NASCAR.

I'm not sure I would qualify for a Fla. drivers license. I've never had a ticket or a wreck that was my fault. What do you think?

Cripes, don't tell me I have to actually READ these things to qualify to comment on them. I'd rather follow the Fox News model and make up the comment before my creativity's sullied by the facts.


Here, here.

When I worked construction, I asked one drunk what would happen if he were drinking and caused an accident-

"That's why I drive a big truck. So I don't get hurt."

...she was found in her overturned vehicle still talking on the cellphone, applying mascara, and putting on her pantyhose while her curling iron heated up.

I guess that made more sense to her than leaving a trail of breadcrumbs.

Now she's qualified for two. Since she's about to lose her auto license, maybe they can swap just it for a truckers license.

Clark, since her license has already been suspended 3 times, apparently not, more's the pity. Here's hoping Loudmouth is right and it's permanently revoked this time.

If I'm countin' correctly, the last crash makes four, not three. And now the rest of you Florida drivers have something to shoot for.

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