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March 28, 2009


Turns out the ShamWow guy has an active social life.

(Thanks to Heatlher, catmanmax, Horace LaBadie and afkat)


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There is justice in the world.

It looks like somebody didn't love his nuts.

The end of the article is great:

"Police records list Shlomi's occupation as "Marketing," but make no mention of his affiliation with the ShamWow or the Slap Chop, both of which sell for $19.95 (plus shipping and handling)."

One final plug for his respective products. Call now!

"Both parties had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from their persons,"

You're gonna love my nuttthhh!

She thought she would get not ONE, but TWO thousand dollars.

I suspect the whole thing was a set-up by Billy May.

active social life? more likely some active social diseases.

Shlomi told cops he paid Harris about $1000 in cash after she "propositioned him for straight sex."

"But if you act now she'll double the offer! That's right, you can contract TWO STDs, but you have to pay up in the next 5 minutes!"

Phil, you weren't there when I was posting!

I wonder if he took his headset off first.

So my Slap/Chop purchases are underwriting his hooker investments? I feel so used I could place his cashews in his product!

Glad to see Cindy survived her night with Chaz Fromage.

Sasha Harris, the professional, ummm... tongue biter, sure has a smug look on her face in her mugshot.


Guess he has to pay people to love his nuts afterall.

He can be grateful she didn't have a Cock Shot handy...

Because he couldn't do this all day...


What kind of a name is...Shlomi?

daisymae: the plural of Shlomo?

But what I wannaknow is:

Why is he hitting the face that is biting his tongue? wouldn't that just cause said face to bite harder?

The report left out the usual stuff about the ritual howling, swinging from the chandelier and throwing branches.

Shlomi is Hebrew. It is sometimes translated as Solomon.


I know something that can soak up to 10 times it's weight in blood, should he need it...

Yay! made it.

LOL Punkin. He may.

There are a lot of mean-spirited comments here, not to mention gloating over the guy's downfall. Keep up the good work.

I'm sure he's got a good heart Horace. Is that better? Also; Hey Siouxie! I'll bet he's single!!!

Siouxie is on the road to visit her dtrs today.
However, as I told her as recently as Thursday evening, any man who uses that much product is someone to W-A-L-K A-W-A-Y from...

Hey Sioux,
As you are online, just had lunch w/my friend in town from where for the weekend?
Perhaps you two will cross paths returning to your respective towns tomorrow. Wheeeeee!

This was the doing of Billy Mays!

Speaking of which, he apparently has a show on the Discovery Channel now. I am slightly bothered by that.

Also: I'm "new" here. Not a commenter, but I've been reading your guys' comments since 2006 :D

I'm headed to Vegas on April 6th, (Unless my house is flooded, when , well, I be going to Vegas regardless..

Anyone wanna come on along for a Thelma and Louise


Welcome to the wonderful world of posting, meg!

... which I haven't done in ages, btw...


Just stay away from any cliffs... 'nuff said...

Shlomi is the contraction of shit and blow me.

Bite your tongue, meg.

*snork*@cheesewiz, shame on you!

ShamPow, Sham wham thankyou ma'am. Hide the Shlomi.

LOL Cheesie!!

OK - Is anyone else having issues posting?! I just posted two - TWO - welcome posts to meg and ... NOTHING!!! It tells me it posted, but then it doesn't show! GRRRRRRRRRR. TYPEPOOP IS SATAN!!!

And yet....THAT one posted!!

OK - someone try to post something with a link in it, please?

So - I'm gonna post the damned thing line by line and see if that works. >:(

*waves* @ meg!! Welcome to the nutty world of posting!

The Blogbar is open 24/7; house specialties are Siouxie's World-famous Kamikazes and the house blogarita.

I get yer link right HERE...

The hot tub backs up to the bar, and we have tanks of brain bleach and eyewash on tap just for Annie's "special" posts.

Oh, and the gumballs are in that big pit by the bathrooms. Never mind the dude with the dorsal fin - that's just Sharkie. Like earth, he's "mostly harmless."

Dive in and have fun!

OK - So, any ideas why I had to break that whole thing into pieces to get it to post?! I HATE TYPEPOOP!! IT IS SATAN!!

Hi CJ, Diva - long time, huh?
Div, send the link to my e-ml & I'll try...

Never mind, Diva. I see that it IS working now.

Hey, ec!! Long time no see!! How's life in SoFla?!

I just saw a ShamWow commercial. Now that I know hwat I know, I just don't get that same warm and fuzzy feeling about our boy Vince.

Did anyone else notice how they spelled Israel on the arrest report? Isreal. Can people not spell anymore???? Maybe they were just saying he was real and not a sham. btw, don't anybody tell Siouxie I said he was single. She is much too good for the likes of him. Unless he's very, very wealthy.

Since alcohol was involved, it's just another case of Shlomi on rye, hold the mustard.

Next time maybe he'll be a bit wiser about it and pay to have a girlfriend instead.

I might have sympathy for that yutz except for one thing - the faux-hawk. Go rot, you nut-slapping shammy hugger!

And. . .welcome to the shallow end of the gene pool Meg, and--

ec, where have you been all this time? was just at The Pub the other day and sent a pic to Siouxie. She was useless the rest of the day at work riding on a tartan cloud.

Cindy, I appreciate your kind words. And yes, only if he's loaded got a nice personality. I just came back from college girls' gala fundraiser and tried to kidnap meet an older rich geezer distinguished gent but they were all on life support taken.

It was worth it though. Older daughter got their first ever scholarship and I am as proud as can be.

ec!! nice to 'see' you around here!! You NEED to make it more often. (Course I'll see you on thursday anyways ;-P)

oh yeah..where are my manners?? Welcome, Meg.

If the bite incurred tongue damage, his infomercial days may be over, due to a severe lisp. Or they may have to change the name of his product from shamwow, to samwow. The horror.

Congratulations on your daughter's scholarship Siouxie. That's great and I know you're proud of her.
Next time look for 2 distinguished gentlemen. I wouldn't mind one myself as long as he has a good personality and interacts well with the fine folks at the bank where he keeps his multi millions.

Justice in the world.. Indeed.

Siouxie, that's fantastic!! If she has her mom's brains I"m sure she will do you fabulously proud. :)

Shame, ow?

"Are you with me, camera guy? What do ya mean he's extra?"

Not sure who looks worse, Vince or the Hooker...... anyway check out ShamWowGuy.com , its hysterical!
... no amount of ShamWows can soak up all of that shame......

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