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March 02, 2009


Vote for Buddy.

EXCITING UPDATE THAT HAS THIS BLOG NEARLY SOILING ITS CYBERDRAWERS: Buddy is now in the top ten! Let's keep this thing going! Tell your friends! Assuming you have any.


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I wonder if it counted my vote; I put an ! after buddy.

Not the first time I have named a node.

Please don't ask.

Ya know, if one of the other blogs I read got ahold of this, the #1 suggestion would be TruckNutz.

I voted for Buddy.

Voted again, sir!

We have to beat those Firefly geeks fans!

Punkin...BFF...I don't wanna node.

Dave, NASA has some supplies for your soiling issues, until the future Buddy is ready for occupancy.

*sends space cyberpampers to the Blog*

Can I go change my vote to TruckNutz??????

BFF - it was a large lump on my head and we named it Edgar. It had it's own pillow.

Dave, I just told my imaginary friend...Buddy.

"I wonder if it counted my vote; I put an ! after buddy."

Nah, these are computer-processed, and "Buddy!" probably gets put in its own bin.

Open the Node Bay door, Hal. Hal, I have to go recycle! HAL! This is my last astropamper, now open the Node Bay door!

What gfunk said. It's likely that Buddy, buddy, BUDDY, Buddy!, etc, all get counted separately. They are (ready for this?) lexicographically different.

I voted for Buddy, but deep in my heart I wanted to call it Edgar.

Where / how does one vote!? Maybe its my stupid work computer but I can't see any voting method on their site. HELP.

Buddy is no longer in the top ten. Mayday! Mayday! Houston we have a problem! Buddy's gone dead. The Eagle's going down.

Wait, never mind. There it in the top 5.

"I voted for Buddy, but deep in my heart I wanted to call it Edgar."

Thanks, Steve. I appreciate the gesture.

I voted for Buddy. pogo's being really intelligent again. Like I said. The brains of the blog.

pogo's a geek!

*SMACKS Elon* Don't scare us like that!

pogo, better than being a nerd.

pogo am what he am, and he's quite comfortable with it. Your mileage may vary.

Please note that you can vote daily. This means that if ALL of Dave's readers vote we could get 20 or 30 votes per week! Vote early and vote often!

anyone know why i am not seeing a poll to vote in?

judi, it does that sometimes. They take the voting option out. I think it's a conspiracy. They don't want Buddy to win.

Silly NASA. Voting's not for the Blog!

... not if they're (not their) serious.

*votes for Davy Barry Pumping Station #2*

anyone know why i am not seeing a poll to vote in?

You forgot to put your contacts in this morning?

Notice they're only asking for our "opinion." Nowhere does it say the name with the most votes wins.

What has happened to our democracy?

When you're a Geek,
You're a Geek all the way
From your first technospeak
Til' your text goes all gray.

When you're a Geek,
If the server goes dead,
You got 3-G around,
You're satellite fed!

You're physically alone,
But never disconnected!
No Nerds in this home
When Nerdbots are suspected,
They're firewall rejected!

Then you are set
With a capital G,
Which you'll never forget
Just hit the Any key.
When you're a Geek,
You stay a Geek!

I voted for buddy,but the next one's gonna be named Wally,or oosik,or Dave Barry.We'll take an internal vote and decide.I think we've got the power.

How do we get Serenity out of the number one position. I'm getting all worked up just thinking about it.

We're number 4!!!!!!!!!!!!

Voted 5 times for Buddy today (used every computer in the house).

Judi & Mary:

I have never seen a place to vote on the NASA site and I've logged in several times.

May be a browser thing.

Cheesie, did you show your Dead Florida Voter's registration card?

Using the same computer, I was able to vote a while back and now I can't see it. So....I dunno about the browser thing.

Buddy is neck & neck with 'Vista.'

You gonna sit there and let that happen?

Rules say that you can vote once a day from a particular computer.

it's one vote per day, so that may confuse any voters from Florida.

People in Florida can vote as many times as they want, but only if the can figure out how.

Maybe they can name the UPA Barry.

The voting was in the column at the right when I looked at it. But I had to do all sorts of crazy stoff to see the image that they needed to verify I wasn't a sp*mbot.

*SMACKS* Annie!!

*hair flip*

Ok..I just went to another computer and voted again. I then refreshed the screen and the option is gone.

Sheesh. And I thought you liked dangling chads.

go buddy.

*SNORK* @ Meanie!

(...with Officer Krupke appearing in the role of the NASA Inspector General)

P.S. Am I the only one fighting the urge to click the IG link, and report.....something?

I voted twice in the same day from the same computer...with different browsers. Plus the first time, I voted for "Don't count this vote" just to see the standings.

So, finally, here's how you can vote:

Vote your conscience, vote for Buddy

Cheesie, if you've already voted, it won't give you the option to vote. I only see the list when I use your link.

I think there may be some esmart peoples up there at NASA.

Xenu is the #1 suggestion? What's with the Scientologists? Tom Cruise must be voting a LOT.

Shame they don't offer a name contest for the waste and hygiene compartment.

Shhh, don't tell anybody this....

I use IE as a utility browser, don't care about its settings. I voted for Buddy, then tossed my cookies, refreshed the page, and voted for him again. And once more.

Don't do this on your regular browser, generally the cookies are very useful and deleting them results in a big PITA for sites you visit all the time.

You didn't hear it from me.

"I think there may be some esmart peoples up there at NASA."

It's not rocket science.

*sends Olo a barf bag for to toss his cookies*

I voted again, but today I had to do one of those verify things. Go Buddy!

Meanie - excellent Riff (so to speak)

*snork* @ MtB.

I voted for "Buddy" although I really kind of like "Suggest Your Own."


We're doomed.

At least Buddy is up to #2 in the suggestions list...

Buddy is now No. 2. This is so appropos for a personal hygeine station.

Bugger Buddy. Down here we're all pushing for Kevin.

Xenu owns Buddy.

Do you really think that you can stop Scientology? We have more money than god. We don't pay taxes. We've infiltrated nearly every government agency on earth. We control Hollywood and most other media outlets.

We're clearing the planet, and that means you. Just Google "dispose of quietly and without sorrow" if you still don't get it.

Buddy indeed.

The video gaming industry's making more money than Hollywood so I don't mind Scientology taking it over.


Hey guys. Scientology doesn't vote for Xenu, Anonymous does. Xenu's existence is hidden from most scientologists untill they pay circa $250k, and reach an Operathing Thetan III level. If they were to be exposed to Xenu story before that, they believe they could get pneumonia. Want to know more? whyweprotest.net

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