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March 30, 2009


(Thanks to Danny)


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Why do I find that disturbing?

Do you actually need to leave the car?

*has difficulty visualizing bending over from the drivers side*

"Whoa Doc! In some countries we'd be considered married!"

$76.00 for this book?? I could buy a cute purse or pair of shoes for that.

you can save $68 by purchasing this.


"Would you like fries with that?"

That's a good book, cg. Our copy had it's cover put on upside down though. I'm afraid it looks like everybody poops on the ceiling.

"Welcome to DocDonalds! May I take your order?"

"I'd like a colonoscopy, please."

"Would you like that supersized for only 49 cents more?"


"Ok, pull around to the second window, drop your pants and stretch out over the hood."

I'll apologize in advance, for goin' seriously off-thread here ... but I'd like to place this info where most of the folks to whom it pertains will get a chance to see it ...

I've had several well-wishers and concerned blogit/internet friends offer support, prayers, and suggestions (tho nobuddy has actually sent MONEY) in reference to the flooding in Nodak ...

Here's the essential data: We're OK (tho not Lumberjacks ... except for my son, who attended college @ a school with that Mascot name) ... our flooding on our little (tho famous in certain historical circles) river went up and back down within about 48 hours ... this marks the second time in the past 12 years we've had a "500-year-flood" here (Time flies when one is havin' fun, eh?) ... and, we live on the "right" side of the RR trax (north side) which act as a dike and block the flooding from reaching our home ... and we do not have a basement to keep dry ... but the snowbanks on Main Street and in front of our house are as much as eight feet high ...

Last week was rather hectic, and our local hardware stores are likely some of the few in the world (outside Nodak) who experienced a run on sump pumps and snowblowers in the same day ... the blizzard last Monday dropped 12-18" of heavy, wet snow on us, and this Monday's "blizzard" has been much less nasty, with only about two inches here ... tho Bismarck (where MB(RH?) werks, had about eight inches last nite and a similar amount forecast before tomorrow ... the waters there have receded muchly, due to explosives breaking up the ice jams, and Garrison Dam shutting the outlet flow down to almost nothing ...

Three of our kids live in the Fargo area, but they're also dealing with only minor problems, when viewed from the perspective of what's happened to others in that region ...

If y'all wanna see some of it, D#2 put a slideshow (all still fotos, no video) on Utube ... (activity mostly in south Fargo, on Friday/Saturday/Sunday)


Sorry, I dunno how to do the linky dealie otherwise ... it runs about eight minutes ...

A few of my own kids are in those pix, but I'll not bother y'all with describin' 'em ... they're better lookin' than I do be ...

Tnx for the kind thots, and tnx for the indulgence here ...


Thanks for the update, Uncle O.

Looks like you have a lot of good people pullin together, OtU. Nice to see.

It's #2 on the best seller list.

O the U -- Thanks for the report. Glad you're OK.

O the U I hope that everything goes okay and things return to normal very soon.

Hey O, Good to hear that things are OK over there. Please keep us posted.

O the U, glad to hear you and yours are OK. Hang in there.

Merely hopin' things settle down soon for you and your family, O.

Tnx again, gang ... MtB ... I forwarded your comments on that nasty virus, to a bunch of folks who have PC/Ms stuff ... plus a similar note bein' forwarded on a sumwhut slightly different virus scare that also seems to be legit ... tnx for the "heads up" ... MB(RH?)'s new PC would be kinda endangered, if any/all of that gossip is anywhere near true ... so, tnx especially for that info ...

As to "settling down" ... MB(RH?) went in to werk last nite instead of this a.m. as is her usual practice on weekends ... it wuz nasty for any time of the winter season, and moreso this late in whut the calendar laughingly terms "spring" ...

Visibility wuz quite bad the last 10 miles before the freeway, tho it got better on the four-lane ... except ... her average speed wuz about 45 mph ...

Anybuddy who has any idea of our "usual" rate of vehicular travel on Nodak freeways will have a glimmer as to how bad it really wuz ... and, they closed Interstate down about three hours after she got there ...

In case I neglected to mention it prior, we have a saying that's particularly germane in Nodak ... "If y'all don't like the weather ... wait 20 minutes ..."

BTW ... we live here by choice ... tho sumtimes we wonder why we've made that choice ... even lifelong residents have reached the point where we're ready for winter to be over ...

Any MicroS0ft/PC user who is wondering what virus O the U is referring to should go HERE and scroll to my comment at the end.

Meanie (and CJ), thanks for posting that the other day. I d/l that patch on my home laptop and will do the same on my PC.

I also did all the MS updates here at work. Our IT person suggested we do all the updates available.

very glad to hear that you and yours are ok, Uncle O!

(and the check is in the mail ;)

Hoping the Bowler on S. University didn't flood.

Prolly not, Clank' ... I could check on that ...

Last time I wuz there wuz when my daughter got married there ... ISIANMTU!

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