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March 30, 2009


For those who noticed the recent absence of the s.b.: Hey, thanks!

For everyone else: We were in the UK (and Ireland), where the food is a little unusual:

Ostrich burgers 

Duck fat     

Cajun squirrel chips 

And they drink lots of beer:

Guinness bottles   

So it's fun to enjoy the local scenery:

Kilt Guy 

And easy to stumble to the hotel room at the end of the day:

Reems Hotel  


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WELCOME BACK, JUDI!!! And thank you for the kilt photo!!!

So how was the cajun squirrel?

Didja try Spotted Dick?

I'll pass on the cajun squirrel chips and duck fat but the ostrich burgers sound interesting.

Did anyone fall down those stairs?? I'll assume alcohol was involved on a nightly basis so that's pretty dang scary.

Duck Fat is not something the dyslexic would want to try to say out loud. Good to hear from you judi! We were afraid Dave fired you and forgot to rehire you.

I once "enjoyed" an emu burger, which I 'spect might be similar to ostrich. It wasn't bad, but neither did I try to repeat the experience.

I hope you brought squirrel chips back for Dave. I'd love to know what he thinks of 'em! Finally - we have a use for those pesky things!

Welcome back, judi - glad you had such a jolly holiday!!

OK, maybe I'll just change my name permanently to Mina Harker. *sigh*

*sics Jack on the Bot*


someone say beer?!

welcome back! those stairs go down (or up) and then immediately up (or down)? was there anything in the stairwell?

Return of the S.B. - cool!

Interesting juxtaposition of low fat diet ostrich burgers with pure duck fat.

And the designer of that stairway was obviously sampling the beers too. Why is there a step down leading to the steps up?

The answer to why they live so long?

Picture # 5.


Your Welcome.

Hey Pogo,

Remember former Chief Justice "Emu" Burger?

He had a wrinkley ol' ostrich.

That first step is a doozy, huh?

We now return you to your regularly scheduled semi-nekkid men.

I once heard Dave refer to himself as a "chip off the ol' squirrel."

Welcome back, Judi ! [i]I[/i] noticed you were not posting, but wasn't sure if you were vacationing ! Glad to see you had a great time - wish I had gone with you.

I'll get to Europe one of these days !

Please ignore the newby attempt at html.


<------ It's that way.


Did you have any bubble and squeak or ?

Just the names alone...

or bangers and mash?

What the 'ell happened to my earlier post. Bad Bot.

TCD, use<> instead of []. :-)

I did notice some of the posts I expected to come from judi came from Dave. Not that I remember what they were.

Judi, Judi, Judi, ever so lovely to have you back.

But THUMBNAILS, please.

There's only so much bandwidth in the world, darlin', and I ain't hardly got but half of it.

is pleased to note that meanie shares the same ponders as meself.


(Meanie, i'm betting there are a couple stairs on this side, too. i wonder if they offer the adjacent rooms an insurance policy for broken ankles?)

padraig, we don't ever use thumbnails. i realize it's a lot of info in one post, but i didn't think they were really worth more than one post ;)

i'm glad to be back! and i'm SOOOOOOO tired. and yes there were three steps down, and three steps up. and it was, at least, well marked. at a less thoughtful place, i fell (on my way IN :) ) but i'm not posting any pics of my green and purple body! ;)

Well, Blue. How SOON you forget us!

Duck fat is good for bruises. probably.

Helloooooooo, Wyoooooo!! LTNS!

G, I'm hopeless. But thanks !

The ever so helpful Meanie points the way to Europe, but on my side of God's green Earth, it's
thataway ---------->.
It also depends which way I'm sitting, I suppose, in which case, Meanie would be right. But I'm too lazy to move desk and computer to make Meanie right, so I'll just say he's wrong, from my POV.
I'm STILL happy Judi's back, though.

Tel, you're funny. :)

Bloody hell!

Welcome Home judi!

I won't ask if y'all had a good time, becuz I'm sure y'all did ...

How much of Ireland did you have time to visit? (We're goin' back over there in September.)

Ostrich burgers? NBD ... they've been around our part of the neighborhood for 10-15 years, tho not as much in the last while ... after the HUGE DOLLARS BOOM in raising 'em passed, only a few places have such any more ... not that bad, but not that popular, either ...

Were those squirrel chips made with Real Squirrels? (and apologies/tnx to Tuesday Addams ... )


Dang ... I'm really gettin' forgetful in my old ... um ... whut wuz the question?

Tele, it's quicker if you go my way. But that's up (or down) to you.

*Waves to Eenie and Miney*

Hope Judi had her kilt inspector's mirror with her!

I like hairy man legs.

*hopes no one heard that*

No we didn't, BFF.

He does have good legs. What about the face, judi?? Not that you noticed or anything ;-)

(BTW, my friends went to "The Pub" last Sat. We have GOT to go there again!!! soon!)

What did Buckwheat say after he heard Alfalfa sing ?

I think you were thinking of me, Mr. U(manity). It'll just be our little secret. *wink*

siouxie, when i took his pic, he said i could blog it but only if i didn't show his face... so i took another one without including his face ;) my special friends, though, will receive the first photo in email as soon as i have a second. he was kinda yummy ;)

o the u, we went to dublin for 3 nights, and spent one day in dublin and one traveling to galway and back. it was beautiful but very very very very very expensive, and we were happy to get back to london where it was dirt cheap by comparison. no kidding.

He looks yummy from the neck down.

Can I pay to be your special friend??? ;-)

Welcome back, judi!! Thanks for the gratuitous kilt shot.

Pogo -- I thought you said "emo" burger. I was a little freaked out by the thought of a burger made out of one of those moody kids. No wonder they're moody.

Navigating around some older hotels in the UK is often very interesting since many were created by linking a series of row houses into one establishment and often the floors don't exactly line up.

We missed you judi. In fact the other day the blog was posting everything in Italics and then it was fixed and of course we all naturally assumed you had fixed it. So even when you're not here you get compliments. btw, did you by any chance paint the Prince of Wales pink before you left the U.K.? England is not that far from Ireland. Also many, many thanks for the picture of the guy in the kilt. I love kilts on men.

Oh, I thought that said, "Low Fat DIE!"

helloooooo juuuudii!!


What do you think the Scot was thinking as you were taking a picture of his, ah.. sparan?

Cheese, since the sporran is laying quite flat, I would think he's not thinking what you're thinking he's thinking -

or something like that.

Oh, and BTW, Meanie ? If I went your way, from where I am currently sitting, I would be taking the scenic route over the Pacific Ocean, over Russia, to get to England. My boss doesn't give us enough vacation time to make that trip.

That's easily fixed, Tel - just turn your desk 180º!

Squirrel chips?? judi, please tell us you did NOT eat one of those. *retch*

Nah, Diva - I'm lucky I'm still sitting at this desk, and not sleeping in the car. It's definitely Monday, and I'm too lazy to even go get my yogurt out of the company fridge, let alone move my desk around.

*flaps in for a moment*

Welcome back, judi! Excellent pics, although the duck fat one made me shudder a little. I haven't heard from 2nd cousin Harold in awhile...

I think those were Escher stairs.

Ducky, I figured you'd weigh in on Duck Fat.

Wyoooooooooooo! How the heck are you?

*snork* @ Ducky and the Escher stairs !
LTNS, both Ducky and Wyooooooo -
Great to see you both here again !

i think i will send them my cardiologist! duck fat???
guess ya had a great time tho, judi - welcome back.

Howdy, Telecom, great to see you, too.

Didya hear about our hailacious hailstorm? Worst thing I've ever been in. Our whole street was covered with golf-ball-and-up size hailstones. I kept one in the freezer for a keepsake that's about the size of a tangerine.

Wow, Ducky ! That's incredible about the hailstones ! Lucky you weren't driving - that might've gone through your windshield ! YIKES !

I'm well... snowed in today, all roads closed, but well, thanks. One of those days here, when kilts would be right out.

Telecom, no joke. The folks that were driving had cars looking like they'd been shelled. We have a BMW dealership just up the road from us whose cars looked like they were parked in a baseball field during batting practice where the batters used rocks. All of those cars are now fully air-conditioned.

I heard on the news this evening that so far they've tallied over $160 million in damages for our area, with more to come. Yikes, indeed!

However, the roofers and auto repair shop folks are doing a big happy dance.

Wyoooooooooooo!!Duckness!!! did you get any damage to your property?? From those pics I saw I'll be surprised if you didn't. Hopefully not.

Wyo, I don't suppose kilt-wearin' is popular amongst cowboys. Not when you gotta straddle the horse.

Hi, Siouxie! Si, 2 of our cars and our roof were damaged. Had the adjuster for the house out today, and when I showed him my hailstorm souvenir, he said, "Looks like you'll be getting a new roof."

Now I have a mental picture of a kilt-wearing, horse-straddling cowboy in my head. Thanks!

Oooh, Ducky ! So sorry to hear about your damages. Dang - hope your deductible is very low.

Yowch ! I think you just gave the blog guys a serious case of the cringes with the horse straddling, kilt wearing cowboy in the cold !

Pretty high deductible, Tel, but thanks for the good wishes.

And I thought the cowboy was pretty hot.

ducky, maybe you can find some kilt wearing roofers....

Awww Ducky. Sorry to hear about the damage.

*snork* @ cg!!

If you find them, point camera up and take pics ;-)

Somewhere I have a picture from long ago of a former coworker and his visiting Scot cousin standing in front of the Alamo, with the cousin in a kilt.

That was one strange experience.

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