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March 30, 2009


(Thanks to Martini Shark)


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Quite appropriate.

...there are plenty of fish in Denver's sea of kind-of hot jobless chicks looking to...

Somehow, I'm now only kind-of excited about the LFL.

Hot Jobless Chicks WBAGNF...oh, never mind.

Dick's Park? Where else would they play?

I hope they all know how to handle the balls and don't fumble a lot.

Great place to park your d!ck.

We have those sporting good stores everywhere here. There is nothing like passing one in the car with a 13 year old boy sitting next to you. Trust me my son has told them all. btw Sharkie. Going to Denver anytime soon? You could do 'quality control'.

I would actually like to call plays for them. End-arounds, wedge up the middle, flip to the backside flanker, fullback lunge, slant with a hard-post, crossing the heart pattern, and my trick play, the statue of lingerie.

And watch out for the Quarterback Sneak.

I'll bet more than half the team are wide receivers.

I'll bet more than half the team are wide receivers.

And there will be a team in Miami I hear.

I'm so there dude.

But do they play ironmanwoman football?

You know, where the players go both ways?

"Herpes at a make-out party," indeed.

Layzee - hopefully some tight ends too, huh?

In addition to the "grabbing the face mask" penalty will there be a "grabbing the bra strap" penalty?

Someone made a good point about this league recently...With the widespread availability of internet po*n these days (um, at least that's what people tell me), is there a paying market for this kind of thing? I ask this seriously. Then again, I guess strip clubs are alive and doing well, so maybe there is.

In their underwear?

Will they wear their jockstraps over- or under- their undies?

... um ... nevermind ...

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