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March 31, 2009


A JetBlue employee says he took a free flight from New York to Boston -- after falling asleep in a plane's cargo bin.

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias, who says, "I thought flying in the cargo hold on JetBlue was an upgrade.")


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We've all bin there before.

♫ I'm sleepin' on a jet plane

The sad part is, this guy's probably one of the smarter ramp rats at JFK.

*hopes he didn't drool on my suitcase*

I'm surprised they didn't lose him.

I may have related this story before, but I was once on a United Airlines plane at Newark getting ready to push back from the gate when I heard something that sounded like banging and muffled shouts from under my seat. I called the flight attendant over and told her "I think there's someone locked in the cargo hold". She went to tell someone, and I watched out the window as they re-opened the cargo door and a guy came out.

Did he fly back in a seat or in baggage?

At least he was claimed.

ec!!! nice to "see" you around here!!

I think he was placed in the overhead compartment. That was the upgrade.

Perhaps he was wearin' "heelies" Easier to move around, doncha' kno'...

Ha-ha. An ad banner for Jet Blue's spring sale just popped up here. If they only knew...

Asleep on the job ...

Now he'll hafta find another place to coop ...

He was supposed to be going to Phoenix.

I'll bet he didn't even get beverage service.

Lucky this was only NTC to Boston, instead of a long distance flight where the cruising altitude is 28K or better. It gets really. really cold and hard to breathe up there.

Swaps NYC for NTC.

Probably a nicer trip down there than trying to sleep next to some sweaty fat guy watching movies on his laptop.

Braniff, given your name that cracks me up.

I was going to click on the link, but an add for jetblue came up and blocked it. No lie.

Isn't like absolute zero in the cargo hold at altitude? Maybe he broke into the luggage looking for a burnoose to keep him warm.

I'm going to save my airport stories for another time, when they more closely align with the subject of the thread.

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