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March 29, 2009


That we are linking to this.

(Thanks to Danny)


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I think it is important for parents to point their kids in the right direction. They face a stiff future without learning hard lessons. Like the mother they need to put their best foot forward.

Rod has a few good points there.

I don't believe Rod will survive this one,although I'll give the man credit for trying.

Penny puts up quite a good front though.

Is Rod that much shorter than his wife or is he standing on a different level? How many blog guys didn't realize that Rod Stewart was even in the picture?

It will never replace what he learned at his mother's breast. We need to nip this sort of brain drain in the bud.

I do not think that was the child's mother. I don't believe she could conceive a thought. NTTAWWT

I wondered why Rod had such a smug look on his face until I saw the T-shirt

Rod does all his online shopping at Amazon.

There's a line that they used to use:

"Nice darts!", I think it was.

wake up penny , i got 5 sperms left
and they're all for you!
we should leave l.a and get what's-his-name
enrolled in school
i know it's tough to get me enthused
though those blue pills are being used
oh, penny , i look like i've died
twice or more!
we moved far away from home , but l.a phonies
really set the wrong tone.
like that hefner guy, he really creeps me out!

the morning sun or any direct light, well it's
not my friend!
but what makes me worry more is i can't see anything
i just have gotten awoke, or had a series of very small strokes
oh, penny what'd i leave, on the floor?
we moved far away from home
leave the older kids our house to roam
if the osbournes get tired ,they'll really
fit right in!

all i needed was a friend, a kidney, and some new
but when rachel hunter got old, the auditions began
your ramparts really made you stand out
some real winners there, there's no doubt!
oh, penny , is our beauty more than skin deep?
soon we'll jetting home, the paparazzi we'll
leave us alone
i've been up two hours, now let me get some sleep!

oh, penny, i wish that i had feeling in my face!

O'er the ramparts we watched.....


She definitely wasn't in the Small ... Faces.

Bravo insom!
*lights candle*


"Penny Lancaster" anagrams to "spent carnal yen."

* also applauds insom *

I never realized Stewart was a midget.

Every picture tells a story, don't it?

some pictures seem to tell two stories.

The height difference seems to work out in Rod's favor. IYCMD AIKYD.

let's see........
toes to toes the nose is in it....
nose to nose the toes are in it ?

>> Is Rod that much shorter than his wife or is he standing on a different level? <<

See the story above about the sinkhole.

This is really no big deal. We blog ladies see this in the mirror every morning. You get used to it. (Tosses hair)

Anyone else feel like they suddenly want a glass of warm milk?


THAT (and the subsequent posted comments) wuz CERTAINLY educational ...

Tnx, muchly, Dave, for keepin' me/us abreast of all the latest stuff to learn about ...

Cindy you are about to start attracting men into your bathroom in the morning with that info.

NurseCindy, have I ever told you (or anyone) about my skills at glass cleaning......

Awww, Roddy's a bird watcher.

She looks like a lot more than a penny to me.

I can understand how she wouldn't want to have her son end up having his stomach pumped like his Dad, either...

Maybe she's hoping he'll go after goth girls back in blighty.

Looks like it's pretty nippy over there, huh?

oh and *snork* @ insom!!

1) LOL insom.

2) Math quiz: If five Pennies = one nipple, how many Pennies make two nipples?

3) Ya gotta admit she looks pretty good for 38.

4) Rod's expression is a priceless crack-up.

When you get to be Rod's age, you need a girl like that so you can always remember where you hung your keys.

Rod the Mod at his best.

Rod the Mod at his worst.

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