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March 30, 2009


Kansas squirrels are going bald

(Doo-dah, Doo-dah)

(Thanks to Robert McCLure)


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Yes, and

♪ Crosstown buses run all night? ♫

*snork* @ Doo-dah Doo-dah!


Notoedric Mange WBAGNFA(R/HM)B

Bald squirrels will never compete with bald beavers in my book.

Y'know, in the whole "hairless rodent" category? Why's everybody snickering?

Blankster, my sister-in-law already had a polka band called the "Mangy Raccoons" (honest*), so too late there.

* Later they changed the name to "Dismal Seepage," I think after they went punk.

I thought the song was called "Wichita Hairline" sung by Glen Campbell.

Squirrel comb-over WABAGNFARB

there's nothing they can DO for the balding squirrels? uh, somebody, go get my gun.
some dipstick will probably invent rogaine for squirrels.

I always thought that the squirrels pulled their hair out when they had children. In other words, exactly like people.

Kansas squirrels are going bald
Doo-dah, doo-dah
Humor blog is quite enthralled
Oh de doo-dah day

Gonna shed all night
Gonna shed all day
Kansas squirrels are going bald
Skin 'em and have a buffet

Nonsusceptible to Squirrel's Mites wbagnfa country band ...

Dave ... they already ARE losin' their teeth ... judi posted pix of "squirrel chips" ... so, that must mean that every time a squirrel chips a tooth, they ship it to the UK ... eh?

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