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March 27, 2009


(Thanks to Danny)


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So...Dick's package got over-stimulated??

Dick donation should be taken seriously.

probe ..... hmmmmmm

A donation fron Dicks would be a much more serious matter. Given enough time it could become a tax deductable donation.

I can see where I could get in serious trouble here,so I'll pass.

Dicks aides say he'll decide what to do with the money he received wait after the FBI deetermines whether there was any criminal wrongdoing.

Is our reporters learning Dick?

You don't know Dicks.

I noticed that also Annie. What is wrong with editors these days? Are there still editors around reading these reports? Everytime my son and I drive by a Dicks Sporting Goods he has to say,
"That's the biggest Dick I've ever seen."

Good to know that Washington state has representative norm dicks. You know how touchy upset things can get when a state has non-representative dicks below the norm.

nursecindy - I just sent something in about all the Chicks sporting goods stores becoming Dicks. Guess they're 'adding on.'

The two politicians should just pool their resources and get married - then she would become Pat Dicks!

LOL Annie. They don't know dick.

Editorial jobs being outsourced to Krpshtskan.

"All you vowels are belong to us."

Ah, Chr*st, no more Dicks in Congress, PLEASE!

Go to bed you guys.You're keeping me awake with your talking.

Dick's cup runneth over.

('nyah' @ ron)

ron, don't you have some snow to shovel or something???

In other news, there's a Dicks-sponsored effort to to help the Hohs move to higher ground.

Gives Ron a nice cup of tea with an Ambien in it.

*puts snow shovel by ron's bed*

*takes out Sharpie™ and draws a mustache on ron's face*

la la la...

*schedules blizzard for 2 am*

O.K. you guys.Time to rise and shine.Wakey!Wakey! Another glorious day beginning. Coffee's on.I made cinnamon raisin bread yesterday for toast.I've got some grits from Tennessee that are ground in a water powered mill.Falls Mills,if memory serves me right.Not advertising you know,just telling you all.I guess it's actually all you all.Get up now.Feet on the floor,skin off the eyes.

Do you need another Ambien Ron? Bring me some coffee please! I partied at Chuck E. Cheese last night at a birthday party for a friends' daughter. I can still hear the bells from the machines ringing..... At least I made it out alive and unscarred.

Good morning ron and nursecindy.
uh, ron, did you grow a mustache?

Congrats to nursecindy for making it out of the Chucksters'.

Morning ron! I've already milked the cows, gathered the eggs from the hen house and made buttermilk pancakes for my sexy farmhands.

Oh, then I woke up.

NotSherly,---I have a mustache and a beard,and fairly long hair.

When I was younger,I missed the hippie movement because I had to work,so I'm sort of trying to catch up in my older years.

Anyone have any idea where my snow shovel went?

It's by the bed, knucklehead. Now keep it down. I was out late doing research for Dave's Dance Theory.

Why do I think neither the reporter nor the editor voted for Mr. Dicks?

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