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March 24, 2009


FAIRFIELD, Conn. (AP) -- Police in Connecticut say a woman attempting to reconcile with her husband handcuffed herself to him as he slept and then bit him on his torso and arms.

(Thanks to Joshua Orpin)


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and he didn't enjoy it!?! lucky she didn't have a c0ck shot.

Cheater therapy. He must somehow be at fault.

What is it with these women biting men this week?? Is this something new that I've missed? Handcuffs to reignite passion may work IF he's a willing participant. Wonder if the cops brought their own handcuffs for her or just used the ones she had.

Cindy, I blame the dieting and guys. They want us gals to look good and we're left starving in the process.

There are some things you just don't want to think about.

Not gonna talk about my "passionate handcuffing" experience in her pickup truck in the parking lot of the KittyKat Lounge in Leesville Louisiana in 1987.

I'm wondering if alcohol was somehow involved.

She'll know for next time: Get rid of the phone before holding people hostage.

probably worked as well as some of the dumba55 stuff we guys try.

Talk about being henpecked. Maybe he tasted like chicken.
Did she do this after watching '24'? Maybe there wasnt' enough action on the show to satisfy her.

You know, I had to do the same thing to Jonathan. He put up SUCH a fight....

I must say that was in very poor taste.

Anyone else getting the 'coupon book' ad across the top with the flying scissors? On this blog, those scissors seem more like a weapon.

Funny, I thought women hated being referred as, "The ole ball-and-chain".

That's a good point about about this outbreak of female mastication. (tosses out his Axe body spray)

Nothing says commitment like handcuffs, or possibly the court order.

Next time, I'll lend her mine. They're more comfty.

"My husband said he hadn't had a bite in weeks. So I bit him."

Siouxie, I prefer a more Manly color of fur cuffs...unless you're extremely persuasive. Or bring beer.

Siouxie those are so cute! Do they come in other colors and where can you get them?

ncindy, you may be sorry you asked that question...

Whatever do you mean, pogo??

*innocent look*



I rest my case.

Key quote:

"Ohttp://wwww!" Drawbaugh shouted repeatedly.

I looked at the site Siouxie. They're having a sale!

ncindy - I'm warning you, you can't buy just one!

Ask Siouxie if you don't believe me . . . .

Cool camping gear, Siouxie. I've been looking for a new sleeping bag.

Dressed like a member

Oops, wrong place.

I just wonder how many pink panthers were slaughtered for Siouxie's comfort. (Do you have the fur on your spreader-bars as well?)

No animals were hurt in the making of the cuffs.


"Easy Access Restraining System..."

*snork* *giggle*

..."Male Chastity Belt..."

*blink blink*


Well, there goes that fetish...

Sioiuxie...Now I have to go have my priest boil my computer in bleach.

P.S. That site reminds me of a conversation with my ex, back in the pre-ex days. We had been perusing a catalog of available, umm, devices, each one wilder than the last. It struck us that if we just got one of "these" and introduced it to one of "those", revved up the current, and left them in the closet, we could totally delegate, and go to the movies while they tcb.

sounds like someone has a kinky side with a taste for bondage but I dont think that was the best way to win her man back.

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