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March 30, 2009


No toilet, no bride

(Thanks to DavCat)


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New meaning to the phrase "pukka up"?

Wait until they get to the whole seat up/seat down thing. The World Court is gonna be really busy then.

No loo, no woo, just poo.

I have two toilets in my house. Does that mean I can have two wives?

*seriously rethinks that request*

A reasonable request.

Sounds reasonable to me.

Completely unrelated to Lazyeeboy's request which is entirely unreasonable.

^5 Marg!

It's perfectly OK, however, if there is no kitchen.

I'm sure Layzeeboy puts the seat down in both bathrooms right? Remember Layzee, 2 brides=2 mother-in-laws.

He's gonna need a bigger tank, cindy.

Layzee - re-thinking is indeed wise.

"No toilet, no bride"?

Where was that back when!? Would'a saved me a divorce!

So if you snatch a bride and she likes your toilet you live happily ever after?

>>So if you snatch a bride and she likes your toilet you live happily ever after?<<

Only if you learn to put the seat back down. If not, welcome to hell.

Live crappliy ever after.

Caption for the lead photo:

10 Rupee, Apu? The price is good, but I'm thinking this photo booth smells worse than the Ganges.

Clearing my botched anchor.

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