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March 30, 2009


Somebody painted the Prince of Wales pink.

(Thanks to Bethany)


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Manager Les Smith said: “I got here at about 8.30am and thought ‘well, that’s pink’.

Deep thinker, that Les.

I don't believe it! We've been there. Our friends live 15 minutes up the hill from Ledbury and we've eaten there.

I wonder if my friend Bob... nah, probably not.

Darn. That wasn't what I was expecting.

I always thought Charles was a little fruity (NTTAWWT).

to match the elephants.

Did anyone notice if the painters were rather large and toothy and wielding the paint brushes and rollers with unusually long noses?

checks calendar. nope, not an april fools prank.

The pink panther strikes again.

Les Smith then waved his arms in a flourish and pronounced the color "FABULOUS!"

cg - They're in Europe, so it's, like, Thursday there.

How come I never wake up in the morning to find out someone re-wallpapered the dining room?

*Yes, dear. Maybe next weekend*

Hmmm, How to get free advertising and circumvent restrictions on painting buildings... Hmmm... Let me think...

Maybe the guy who owned it secretly did it. Best free advertising he's ever had barring the cost of the paint!

I bet it was those pesky ASBOS.


Craig Ferguson's guest tonight is ... William ... Shatner!


Guerilla Decorating.

Now if they can get the guerilla knitters involved...

...or the YOBS.

Remember the character in A Chorus Line who used to sneak into peoples houses in the middle of the night and re-arrange the furniture?

Maybe he's moved on to bigger things.

I know who did it, but I ain't tellin'.

MeThinks they did a pretty wonderful job given the amount of daylight.

I've got a couple other places in mind if I could get their number!

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, where was judi on the night of the 24th? Hmmmmmm?

psssssst cg?? probably falling down those funky stairs after a few pints.

Nevermind about BSJ ... where wuz Mot' ... ?

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