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March 30, 2009


Teen Accused of Tackling Mascot in Cow Suit at Mentor Chick-fil-A

(Thanks to Danny)


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*promptly decides to NOT admit to having relatives in Mentor... including an aunt that is of an age with the ChickFilA cow...*

I bet he graduated from jumping Chuck E. Cheese.

Am I being punked?

These vegans are getting out of hand.

That was udderly uncalled for.

Was PETA involved?

How much methane was released?

I live near Mentor. Trust me, weirder stuff than this happens EVERY DAY in that town.

I guess they must have finally gotten fed up with those cows' atrocious spelling.

snap a cell phone picture of he and the mascot together

AAAARRRGGH - An editor and the grammar police STAT!!

Mebbe they thot it wuz a Trialc ... Trycy ... dinosaur?

First tipping, then tackling, next mugging. Will the crime spree ever end?

I blame the sponsorship of the Chick-fil-A Bowl. Sends the wrong messages.

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