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March 22, 2009


Here you go.

(Thanks to insomniac, who notes that "the controls seem to be the same, arrow keys move the piece left or right or rotate it.")


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Never did like that game.

I watched a timer and a dot go down a page for awhile.

Ok..even *I* don't have that much patience to wait for the thing to come down. And I used to love Tetris.

Wow, if the plain old carp version costs $29K then what would a Robo Koi cost?

oops, wrong topic.

This is a nefarious plot by the communists to grind our computer networks to a halt. But when the option is fuming over our economy completing another row is preferred.

To make it come down faster use the space bar....it will speed things up greatly. Still a bit boring. What is the objective? Just to keep fitting pieces together?

hitting 'enter' also speeds the little guys on their way... some people have gotten interesting pictures by just letting it run as in this link.

Ought to have the Jeopardy theme running in the background while waiting for the pieces to work their sssssllllllooooooowwwwww way down the page.

"Timewaster," indeed.

Not a bad time way to pass the time while you're waiting for Obama to admit that the Surge worked.

Man, it took me 13 minutes just to pile up enough blocks to lose. Worst (and slowest) game ever. I think I'd rather watch the pitch drop experiment.

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