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March 30, 2009


"They misrepresent their sandwiches as they always show the meat on the top and the salad on the bottom but when you buy a Subway sandwich they always put the meat on first," grumbled the customer in a formal complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority.

This is actually true.

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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We all know how different it is when the meat is on top.

He's eating it upside down.

He's eating it upside down.

*adjusting myself just because it feels good*

Pogo says he's eating it upside down,he's eating it upside down.I agree.

Maybe he needs to adjust his meat. In the sandwich, I mean.

So turn it upside down, moron!

Next thing you know, they'll be telling us that there isn't really any dinosaur meat in the dinosaur nuggets that you find in the frozen chicken section.

Wouldn't it hurt if you turned your meat upside down??

Reminds me of the two Irishmen working for the phone company. They're assigned to replace a telephone pole. Standing next to the old pole, Michael says to Flannery, "Well first we'll be needing to know how tall it is."

Flannery nods, spits on his hands, grabs the pole and lifts it out of the hole and lays it gently down on the ground, and says, "Now you can measure it easily."

Michael says, "Sure and that's the sort of silly mistake I'd expect from you. We need to know how TALL it is, not how WIDE it is!"

Why do the Brits insist on calling lettuce "salad" when it's ON A SANDWICH?

Salad = in a bowl

Paleontologists now think that birds are, in fact, dinosaurs.

i.e. T-Rex was a big chicken.

This complaint also caught my eye.

Tip Top's Flip to Win competition, which contained a large image of a hand-held Trumpet ice- cream with a bite taken from it, revealing a pink jelly tip centre among the ice-cream and chocolate chips. A woman complained to the authority that within the image was what could "only be described as a pink penis", which she found offensive. Her complaint was not upheld.

Not upheld. Heh.

I hope you've all got your new gear. Don't make me smite you.

Of course the meat is upside-down in New Zealand -- it's the southern hemisphere.

I just hope he washes his hands really well before eating lunch.

Horace, thanks for the link. Of course it's not a penis, the text says "you can't beat" it.

*snork* @ Meanie !!
How anal retentive do you have to be to file suit over the positioning of the meat in your sandwich ????
Makes me look like a reasonable person.

Our local Subway has made great strides in molecular biology such that, they can legitimately claim they made you a turkey sub, yet the alleged meat has a transparency similar to that of a coat of floor wax (and, come to think of it, a similar taste)...

I wondered about that, Ralph ... but I think it may actually be a case of the meat bein' correct side up, and the sandwich bread bein' upside down ... down under ... as it were ...

(T'c'd't ... A-R? You? ... um ... if y'all say so ... I'd've never guessed ... )

Guin your'e guin-a-get the Kiwis upset calling them Brits.
We are South Pacific Poms (or ex South Pacific Poms in my case). Of course you are right, "Poms" = Brits but we hate being reminded.
Sorry about your salad sensibilities, the copywriter will be flogged with a limp lettuce leaf, cos of course.

"I ate three dozen of those ice cream cones and I did not find a single penis to my satisfaction."

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