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March 30, 2009


B.C. thieves make off with bull semen

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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I don't know. It sounds like he spent lots of time in the little room with a stack of PlayHeifer magazines.

Did anybody else picture the cavemen from the
comic strip?...

I've got it! Gen West Stands for Westgen,--B.C. stands for C.B.-- Bull Semen stands for Semen Bull.It's simple once you crack the code.

When you are having a bad day, it's good to remember that it's someone's job to collect bull semen.

Allen, quit playing on the computer and get back to work! pogo I have to say nursing is not the cleanest job in the world but collecting bull semen is not something I've ever had to do. Makes my profession seem a lot more appealing.

Next thing you know, husbandry will be outlawed in Florida.

There's a (screamingly funny) bit on one of James Herriot's books (the 4th, I think) about that. Involving a fake vagina which has to be filled with body temperature water, but which is accidentally filled with boiling water. His description of the bull's reaction is priceless.

You're supposed to be a certified artificial inseminator to handle that stuff (the rank also looks good on a t-shirt). I suspect someone's trying to learn medical techniques from television again.

*sulks* at Cindy, reluctantly goes back to air traffic control screen and shuts the alerts and noises down...

Allen do you want me to give you something to sulk about??? And turn those alerts and noises back on!

Cindy, I handled it:
"All flights, this is Galactica Actual. Keep circling to the left. Your flight is very important to us--please stand by..."

... has "Gen West" written on the side of it, which stands for Westgen ...

Now, that's the sort of inversion I'd expect from French-Canadians, but Vancouver's way the wrong end of the country...

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