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March 30, 2009


(Thanks to John Gregg)


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Anybody else read about the "orgasmic childbirth"? Me,neither.

I did, gjd and it's a crock. No way.

Do I hear the boys' support for this uplifting technology?

Siouxie--It only provides volume,no firmness,no up lift.

Good chance for Punkin.

My feelings on this are well known, Siouxie.

Well then it's no good, ron. I'm all for siphoning all the extra fat and putting it too good use but...not if they'll be flappin' on my knees.

Frankentits do not excite me.

so all the controversy has been about this?

This can probably grow a few extra boobs if you want more toys, but getting the nipples in the right places may be a problem. This sounds like an ideal project for a stimulus grant.

And don't miss the great link to Orgasmic Child Birth on the same page!
Key quote:

Orgasm and childbirth are not two words you expect to find in the same sentence.


... to both headlines ...

Ta-tas grow on stems?

Hu gnu?

(Thinkin' of some folks "natural attributes" might suggest they try tree trunks ... merely ... observin' ... )

Addicted to skunk??

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