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February 20, 2009



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Did France surrender?

I'd bet he'd make a lovely bacon souffle. Once Siouxie and I are done with him.


"Tonight's main course will be Faux pax w/ a side of foot-in-mouth.

With bernaise sauce, of course."


I'm assuming LOTS of wine was involved.

I really like Spanish (especially Rioja) wine. I'll add this to the list of reasons why.

Spanish food is incredible - paella, real sangria...Batali, OTOH, is a ham sandwich.

Stick him in the freezer until he sobers up or his scrotum turns blue ... or both

Oh, heck, it's not as though it were the Queen of England or something. I bet Columbus said the same thing to Ferdinand and Isabella all the time.

How gauche of him.

Horace - that's why they deported him to Cuba.

I'm still trying to wrestle with the phrase "Superstar Chef". That always ranks up there with "Reality Show Celebrity" or "World-Famous DJ". Meanwhile the pilot who landed an airliner in The Hudson will probably just get mocked on SouthPark.

"WEASEL f***wads"??

Dave, are you ghostwriting for The Chef?

well, that should make him mighty pop-u-lar among foodies and the food network. yo mario. you are outta here. he's annoying.

Reminds me of Georg Constanza's "curse toast."

Didn't the Weasel F*wads open for the Fugs in their '71 tour?

MS - there actually are a few world-famous dj's. I am unfortunately not among their ranks, and I can't imagine hauling my music collection around the block, let alone around the world. Of course, they will all be gathering in Miami for the Winter Wierdness Music conference next month...

More words for the Falmouth foul language list.

I wasn't question the talents, just the level of "fame". DJs and chefs do good work,superstar is what hung me up. As for the reality stars, herd 'em and shoot 'em, I say.

According to babelfish, "weasel f*ck wads" translates as "Los tacos de la cogida de la comadreja," but when translated back into English, that is "tacos of the catch of the weasel." No wonder the royals were not amused.

MS - right there with ya. I scoff at the fame factor. I can whirl the pots & pans as well as I can the turntables, but I don't expect worldwide recognition or my own overhyped TV show.

MS - you left out people who became famous because of a sex tape

djtony has a sex tape?? where is it?who nu?

Just one? I thought he had a ho bunch of them, Siouxie. After all, the 'dj' stands for 'deep jay.'

Judging by Rachael Ray's expression, I think Mario just goosed her, too.

The secret ingredient is................


That's been leaked?! Now I'll never be President...

Look in the mirror and have another french fry, ya fat f---!

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