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February 21, 2009


...guys are getting stuff done.

(Thanks to Sean in CT)


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who was holding the beer?

Setting the house up again and blowing it up two more times was the hard part.

We should call them the next time we need a dead whale removed.

I gotta admit that was pretty darn cool.

cg, I'm assuming the beer is all dranked up.

Excellent Carhartt wardrobing, standing around with hands in pockets, gunpowder deployment, and ATV usage. Not so excellent use of pretty much predemolished house. I'll rate it four guys on a five guy scale.

That was great! I liked the roof flip.

Nothing better than recreational explosions.

Women demolish things, too. In our minds.

*looks wistfully at garage-o-crap*

I agree. We like to blow sh!t up too. We're just more subtle about it.

*quietly slides case of TNT towards Siouxie and Cat*


I assume a Buddist Temple is going up in it's place.

thanks, tony! but...just ONE case for the two of us??

I have big plans!

heh heh

*gleefully rubs hands together*

The boy watched that with me.....3 words out of him....."THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!", and no, that is not too many exclamation points for how he said it.

I'm very afraid.

"BSU" (Blowin' $#^% Up) brings tears of joy to any man's eyes. Maybe we can all start "The Explosion Channel"? It could be the next big boom....

No blasting mats? Idiots. Paging Darwin!

I'll surmise that the "midwesterners" mentioned were frum east of the Mississippi River ...

Nobuddy frum these parts would've been silly/foolish enuf to leave a perfectly good cannon that close to the actual powder charges ... could've got it scratched or dirty ...

We'd've found a cooler way to set off the charge ... really ...

But otherwise, and discountin' the crappy images on the el Cheapo crap cam ... that's fairly neat-o ...

Blasting mats, Annie? That's sumthin' frum Socal ... right?

I'll bet that the sunlight leaked more after the explosion than before.

I wonder if the house was up for foreclosure.

I'm not even a guy, and I thought that was cool!!! (I have a bunch of brothers and sons, guess it just kinda wore off on me.)

If the midwest is around the Mississippi, why is the mideast way over past France, which has of course surrendered, instead of being near Buffalo

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