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February 23, 2009


Beer Pong Linked to herpes rise

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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<Maybe NSFW> Please practice safe sysadminning.</Maybe NSFW>

i'm thinking the solution is to switch to a more potent form of alcohol.


All the fun of an STD without the benefit of the S? Hey, where do I sign up?


They must have changed the rules since I went to college...

*picks my balls up off the floor*
*washes them*

It's not the game itself, it's the victory celebrations. They traditionally take place under the match table.

WAITAMINIT, pad...you're saying that being stupidly drunk after beer pong can lead to unsafe sex?????????

I'm shocked.

I think I'm safe, we only play while tailgating before the Dolphins games.

Siouxz -- if you practice ping pong enough it does.

That's why I always played "Quarters" with shots of Bacardi 151... money may be one of the dirtiest things to handle, but you can use the 151 to sterilize anything...

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