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February 24, 2009


Man threatens police with pig's jawbone, court told

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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thankfully, i keep kosher. whew.

Psst - cut his hair and he'll lose his strength.

At least he's keeping busy while he's unemployed.

If that was an ass's jawbone the police would be in big trouble...

And still single, ladies!

Almost Biblical,isn't it?

Is there a photo of him? Siouxie wants to know. Anybody who can swing a crutch like that is gotta be a hottie.

Was the pig attached to his jawbone at the time?

Someone needs some anger management therapy.

Annie, thanks butt...I'm waiting for the guy brandishing a pig's penis bone.

nursecindy - I certainly hope you're not referring to me, 'cause I will smack you for that.

Siouxie - they have those? I didn't know that.

Was it a Muppet Pig's jawbone? This could be serious.

Annie, I think you are very calm and in control. Did I mention I would like to read one of your books??? I was talking about the guy swinging the pigs' jawbone. Please don't smack me. Sharkie says it hurts.

Siouxie, would you settle for an oosik? I know of somebody who has one of those.

Wasn't that a Dilbert cartoon recently? Or did I just walk in from an alternative universe?

I saw that clearance end cap of pig's jawbones at WalMart last week and knew it was going to mean trouble.

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