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February 28, 2009


...you're talking Vegas.

(Thanks to SW and Joshua Orpin)


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weapon of a$$ destruction?

So...you eat the thing and then you puke it out whilst riding the roller coaster?? Sounds like a win win to me. No calories!

I thought about that too Siouxie. With my luck I'd be the one sitting below the person that had "conquered the bomb".

My lab could eat 6 of them and never bat an eye.

Ron, I'm assuming you mean a canine and not a place of scientific employment? I would not like to be in the same room with a lab who had eaten even one burrito... I gave my lab mix leftover chili once, 6 years ago and haven't fed her a bean since.

And a Diet Coke to wash it down, please.

I once ordered a burrito about this size in Socal ... I finished it all by myself, too ... only tooken me four days ...

Texgal, my BFF and I have had a running joke since we were teenagers. Back then we used to go into restaurants and order burgers, fries, etc. and always a diet soda.

The joke became, "I'll just have a cow and a Tab™, please."

I still only drink diet pop, even though I'm hardly a waif. Sugary pop makes me thirstier for some reason.

Looks like the next episode of Man V Food

I wonder if you get to keep the "weenie" shirt too. I would totally do it just for either shirt.

Come on gallon of ice cream!

Free rides?? I'm thinking those who can hork down a 6 lb burrito are providing the coaster's "thrust".

"Ass, gas or cash..... nobody rides for free."

Nevada nuclear test site is where they bury the winners...if there's anything left to bury. Don't light a match.

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