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February 23, 2009


...this blog says: Wrong, dude.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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who rents a bong hookah!?!?

Do they sell the slippers with the curled-up toes?

I think this is just terrible! It's bad enough that hookers should be prowling our cities' street corners and renting sleazy motel rooms for the purpose of engaging in their sleazy activities, but now they're actually going door to door?? Where are the police while all this is going on?? What in the world are they doing about this?? I think...

Oh. Hookahs...

Never mind.

I'd hate to have to explain to Mom and Dad what the 'Hookah' charge was on the credit card.

far out. and just where were these people in 1974?

The only glitch in his business model is the delivery driver constantly forgetting the directions.

Hookah: $15
Cheetohs: $95
Look of disbelief on customers' faces: Priceless

Next step - make Dorito or Cheeto flavored tobacco. And why not deliver beer with it? Must I do ALL the marketing around here? Sheesh.

Speaking from experience, Sharkie??

I think CJ told him, Siouxie. Something about a big plastic chicken.

We've made a lot of money out of this, man. Who took it to the bank? Dude? Bueller? Anyone?...

Aww, man-n-n!

I ordered from this guy three weeks ago and when I call they keep telling me, "Chillax bro, he's on the way."

Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar
Has given you the call....

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