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February 26, 2009

What will you do with your share of the $827 billion economic stimulus package?
My what?
I'm going to spend it on infrastructure.
I will donate it to a  large needy bank.
This is kind of off-topic, but I really don't think adults should wear Crocs.
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I'll love it and hold it and feed it and pet it ...

Mount Pliers!



Arrgh! I'm wearing Crocs! Must be the magnetic plate in my insole!

I'm going to buy a single serving bag of Fritos with it.

I'm gonna buy 16 Crocs for the Octokids.

I'm giong to buy Mr. Madoff a matching ankle bracelet to go with the one he has.

Adults should never put their feet into anything with a magnet on it's head.I win again.

My answer will always be Montpelier.

The $13 per week I will be getting will pay for my box-o-wine so I'm good.

A large, needy bank in Montpelier.

My vote will always go against the Crocs.

Siouxie---I once saw a 5 gallon bottle of whiskey in a liquor store in New York City.I've dreamed about it ever since.

What do you mean "share"?

I'm buying an Emeril Lagasse saucepan to whomp some kids upside the head.

Montpelier? Or maybe I'll jsut spend it on Dolly Madison instead.

In my state the only stimulus $$ appears to be going towards extended unemployment benefits. So, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to punch my boss.

I will buy Dave a beer.

definitely the crocs. i can't wear a speedo so no crocs for you!

Frankly, I find all of this stimulating.
However, I am personally opposed to Mounting any Pliers.

I'll hold it and hug it and squeeze it and call it George.

I know the answer to any poll involving snow.Yes,It's snowing again,still.

Hammocks are infrastructure, right?

Yes, Meanie. So are batteries.

Hammocks,grills,beer coolers,Chaise lounges,they're all infrastructure.Me for President.

Dave's Poll of the Day. should be a new daily feature on this blog. think of all the repetitively redundant questions you could ask.

but i'm opposed to crocs in montpelier.

Mine will be spent on Infrastructure.

And a shovel for ron.

How come there is no option for "convert it to nickles and then drop all 455801050 tons of those coins on DC from several miles up"?

Bride a congressperson. Hey, it's a recession. The price has dropped. Now anyone can bribe a congressperson. It's Democracy for the people.

Cat - maybe you can take some of your 'infrastructure' and build ron a snow-catapult.

I'm using my money to get a shovel, because the President wants to spend money on shovel-ready projects, ergo I'll get even more $$$. I'm good at figurin'.

Bride a congressperson Bride?

Horace, is there some Deep Dark Fetish of yours that you've forgotten to tell us?

Also, "Bribe" a congressperson. But a wedding would be a good expenditure, too.

And some snow crocs...

*readies fry pan for wiredog*

^^^^That was for to give ron.

I'm going to buy up all the crocs and dump them in the ocean. woof.

Can Dorito's be considered 'infrastructure'?

My share will just about cover gas money to the store.

Again, the correct answer if Montpelier. (In case some of you are products of the Miami educational system). I just took my croc's off which I wear outside. It's a great day to be outside here, Ron, because it is 67 degrees in NC!

My answer will always be Mont Pellier

If this keeps up, the polling company is going to have to give Dave a cut of the profits. Or their share of the stimulus package. Whichever is bigger.

Stimulus package?
I'm getting a stimulus package?

Just give mine to the IRS. Call it recycling.

--Help rebrand the Republican Party. That means pick a new name, I think. I don't actually speak marketing.

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