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February 01, 2009


(Thanks to DavCat)


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I think I'll be putting off those parachuting lessons. Crikey.

Brings a whole 'nother meaning to the term terminal velocity.

Another obvious added benefit is that you get to steer the parachute alone if the instructor dies.

Sounds like the plot line in an episode of "Monk".

Yes it does, Lairbo.
What do you bet we see it there soon?

What an odd occurance.

I'm willing to bet the student's underwear needed to be changed.

My best friend did that for her 40th birthday. I told her that if she lived til 41, I'd buy the drinks. She has the picture of her jumping out of the plane framed on her wall.

Did they land in the Hudson River?

I had one not-quite-as-serious (i.e., nobody died) unsettling skydiving experience during an instructional course with two instructors who had their own indepedent parachutes. It was a progressive course where on your first couple of jumps the cord is automatically pulled by a tether as you jump; then on the next couple jumps you pull your own cord while two instructors are jumping with you, on the next two jumps there is one jumper with you, then you go solo. After a botched jump with two instructors (they lost "control" of me), I went up to do it once more correctly (solo) and then said "that's enough". That was the last time I hung off the wing of a Cessna wondering "why am I doing this?"

Did you land on the Hudson River??

I'm glad you made it back to earth safely, Meanie.

I was fine. The instructors needed a change of underwear.

Then you can pull the ripcord and enjoy a breath taking five minute flight under your parachute built for two.
'enjoy a breath...'- just one. Then a coronary. Why the hell can't you administer CPR in flight?

Always know where the nearest AED is located in all situations.

Our youngest is in winter training for soccer, which in this part of the country is indoor. A local gradeschool's gym is the venue. Each of the kids when they walk in the door points at the AED and yells "Here's the AED" loudly -- just as they have been taught to do in their own gradeschool.

Three times near the top of the hour, about 20 kids in each batch scream "Here's the AED" as they walk in the door. None of the adults complain.

I did yell at the kid who was (messing) around and almost kicked a soccer ball into fire sprinkler head, but that's because at 100 gallons a minute there is a lot of cleanup involved.

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