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February 25, 2009


OK, you get a crocodile, and then you tape a magnet to its head, and then...

(Thanks to DavCat)


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...and then you've just created an episode of Mythbusters.

How about YOU get a crocodile, tape a magnet to its head and then I'll run call 911. Wouldn't it be just as effective to hit it on the nose with a golfclub a couple of times?

It starts chasing cars and gets run over...poor thing...msut have been attrcted to the metal.

I've heard of Duck Tape, but Croc Tape?

The missing one is probably stuck to a refrigerator somewhere.

While Jim tapes the magnet to the crocodile's head, I'll be safely over here telling you about Mutual of Omaha...

Ah, Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom memories. Poor Jim was the Tonto of nature shows. I was always waiting for the episode where Jim finally cracks.

"And now Jim will pull the tiger cub out of the den so we can get a better look. Uh oh, here comes mama and she doesn't like--- Jim, why are you shoving the cub down my pants?"

Stapling a magnet to their head disorients them even more.

Jim was HOT. You're right, though, he got all the dirty work. Ol' Marlin would jabber on, and poor Jim would be in the background, wrasslin' anacondas and losing. I never heard Marlin, just worried about Jim and his massive biceps.

ooops...was that out loud?

Annie, I think Jim was the original trouser-snake anaconda fantasy for you!

arent they repellent enough already?

raging repellent reptiles wbagnfarb

"These crocodiles are unique and valuable creatures and we feel like we have a responsibility to live with these animals as much as we can," he said.-----
Well everyone take their crocs to his house with magnets in place!

Doesn't the modification turn the croc into a chick magnet?

Shooting them,loading them in the back of a pick-up and transporting them to another area will work just as well.And be far less dangerous.

I wonder if this works on humans...

If you tape a magnet to the head of your 18 year old when you kick then out of the nest, will it keep them from returning back to your home?

This could be very useful for parents everywhere!

If you strapped a pair of magnets to Joe Biden's head, he wouldn't be able to find his way home either.

My memories of Wild Kingdom were of Jim jumping out of the helicopter,tossing a net over some feral feline,wrestling it to the ground to get the tranq dart in him and once subdued Perkins would saunter up and place the tag on him. I always wanted Jim to holler, "You need help there Pops, or are you OK with that kitty?!"

Then you take your thumb and stick up its bung hole. That really makes them angry mate.

KJP, I was thinking it sounded more like the Crocodile Whisperer.

(SNORK at Horace!)

See biography. Many species of birds and reptiles use magnetic homing, so he would be familiar with that. For all the idiocy of Wild Kingdom, Marlin and Jim actually knew what they were doing. I can't say the same for Mutual of Omaha, which sucks. I wish we could put magnets on the heads of bank and insurance execs to keep them from returning to the trough.

Oops, take 2: Jim Fowler is (still) a raptor expert: See biography.

Marlin was pretty active in the dangerous parts of the captures until he got sick. Ivan T. Sanderson was my favorite naturalist.

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