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February 26, 2009


(Thanks to marfie)


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Shoddy graduation rate? It was not well-made? The construction was poor? The materials were of poor quality? What materials are used in making rates?

Some kids only got 4/10's of a playground and that's not right.

I'm so proud Philly didn't make the list. That's where I graditated hi schul from.

I know - let's take a poll. I'm sure we can get Miami ranked higher.

"I know - let's take a poll. I'm sure we can get Miami ranked higher."

The answer is still Montpelier.

I disagree.

The answer is 42. Now, then, forever, and always.

Or it's Arugula. Or Aruba. Ar-something, anyway.

YAY!! Proud to be a Miamian yet once more.

Yeah, but have we made any progress on what the question is?

Btw...Texas has 3 cities on that list. So...PFFFFFFT!

I'll bet most of the cities on the low graduation rate lists are WAY up there in lottery ticket sales.

Like Scott Adams (I think) said, "State lotteries are a way to tax people for having bad math skills."

Look at the bright side, Detroit. Plenty of elbow room in senior study halls!

Doesn’t look like Lottery sales have a direct coralation!
Don’t know about Miami but Florida is number 15 per capita. RI is # 1


"...where 'senior skip day' lasts all year!"

Wow, Texas scored a trifecta. How proud they must be. If they only knew what that was.

Let's move all the bad banks and Celine Dion to Detroit. Then put a big bow on it and give the whole thing, including the automakers, to Canada for Arbor Day.

Why are we so high on the list if our graduation rate is shoddy? Unless shoddy is a bad thing. . .

And Gary, Indiana isn't on the list ? Did science discover that choking pollution, the total lack of vegetation and mile high industrial waste are good for kids ?

I was raised in #1 and still live about 10 miles from it.

I continue to be grateful that I didn't let my husband talk me into moving to Detroit when he was offered a job there.

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