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February 27, 2009


The Psychedelic Bouncing Frogfish

(Thanks to Dr. Doug and Onterrible)


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Geezer Alert!

Not as cool as the electricle banana which was supposed to be the very next craze.

Scientific name: Barryus Undergraduatus

This is exactly why I don't scuba dive. I don't want to discover any new life forms. As long as nature leaves me alone I will leave it alone. Also I'm about 4 hours from the beach.

Part of the "psychedelia" family, eh?

Never would've guessed it ... until seein' all the errors in spelling and/or usage by the "reporter" ... who must've been starin' it in the eyeballs, merely for recreational purposes, of course ...

I'm pretty certain (all things considered) that I've seen one of those before.

(Maybe in Ringo's tie?)

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