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February 28, 2009


BERLIN (Reuters) - Clowns from across the world met in Germany Friday to pitch laughter as a way to survive the economic crisis.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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Don't underestimate their creepiness.

I vote to have HIM in Congress.

piling them all into a little car - it's hilarious and an austerity measure!

Even Warren Buffet has stopped laughing,clown face.

They couldn't do any worse than our economists. At least they admit that they're clowns.

perfect, more exposure to kids who wet themselves at the sight of clowns.

perfect, more clown exposure for kids who wet them selves at the sight of a clown...

ah crud srry guys

No doubt they'll be discussing the Laffer curve.

In tough times, mimes and clowns can be very therapeutic. I for one feel much better after pummelling the living snot out of them.

Are you sure that's NOT Barbara Boxer in the photo?

The reason there are clowns is the reason I have a clown punching bag.

This reminds me of that Jack Handey line:

I've always had a fear of clowns. I think it went back to the time i went to the circus and a clown killed my dad.

Jack Handey had coulrophobia??

Glad to know I'm not the only one who was not interested in clowns, 'ceptin' mebbe for Clarabelle (AKA Bob Keeshan, AKA Captain Kangaroo).

i miss captain kangaroo.
he's pretty quick for an old dead guy you know.

Everybody loves a clown, ain't that the sh*ts?
Everybody feels the pinch when inflation hits
We all laugh as the euro plummets
But you don’t laugh, at our Dresden summit

Everybody loves a clown, so why can’t you?
Just walk in my big shoes

I laugh about all the people who are going bust
But you don’t laugh, you just show us your disgust
If you wonder at my sad expression
Just hope you can weather this bad depression

It’s not easy, you see when you’re a clown like me.

I don’t know if I'll hold onto my job
I really don't wanna start to steal and rob
Yes, I’m a clown, and I've got laughter's power
Come take a sniff of my squirting flower

Guess I’ll be the guy with the matching set
Rubber nose and rubber checks

We gave up Captain Kangaroo for a fargin' purple dinosaur.

I highly recommend Brad Stine's "Barney vs. Captain Kangaroo." (It's on his "Wussification" CD.)

No wonder America's in the crapper.

Death Unpleasantness to the fargin' purple dinosaur!

A Parliament of Clowns? Yeah, what Dave said!

"Why is it that we will laugh at a man in a clown outfit, but we won't laugh at a man just walking down the street carrying a clown outfit in one of those plastic dry-cleaner bags?" Jack Handey

ain't life a b*tch?
not hardly to plan
some folks get bailouts
you can't afford Spam
send in the clowns

aren't germans fun?
weren't nazis whack?
goose-stepping from moscow
to paris, and back!
but now they've got clowns
so send in the clowns

just when you thought
you're gonna be broke
come some face-painted dudes
with their ancient jokes
wiping their a$$es with your 401(k)
bottom line is:
clowns can't save the day!

if you think guys
with big floopy shoes
need to be tested for the
existence of their i.q's
you must not like clowns
but they're with us, i fear!

Except our clowns in Congress are like the scary ones that pop out from under the bed...{{{shutters}}}

Hmmm. I was going to send a teabag to my Senator and Representative. Maybe I should send a red rubber nose, instead. Or both?

Bebe ReBozo HAD to be there, at least in spirit.

Well, now that your pile's been erased
Come take a look in the Bundesrepublik
Cuz when it comes down to funding you
Yeah honey we've all gotten our butts kicked
But don't let this bad recession
Keep you in mental depression
Really be glad, oh be gladder than glad
Foreclosure ain't really that bad
Like a clown I think Ponzi's a fad

Now there's some dumb things known to man
But ain't too much dumber than
The smiles of a clown, when the pyramid goes down
Hum, oh yeah baby

*snork* at meanie!

6 above zero,more snow on the way for today and tonight.Oh,Whoopie--------.

*SNORK* Meanie, that was brilliant!! LOL I love it.

*SNORKS* to stevie and insom too! awesome job, guys.

*sends ron a back up shovel AND emergency shovel*

Hot chocolate?

*Seconds the poetry snorks*

Arrow Ginger Brandy is the winter imbibers Choice du Season Siouxie.Thanks for the shovels,mine are wearing out.

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