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February 25, 2009


Hi Dave --
This image is from the Ice Sculpture Competition in Timmins, Ontario. Somehow when I saw it, I thought of your column.
--Peter Grant



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And for that, we thank thee, Peter Grant!

Good likeness of you, Dave.

Yikes! It turns cold so fast up there!

It's always coldest on a full moon.

That's what you get for pissing off Tracy...

("Heroes" fans will know what I'm talking about)

I always wondered where the facilities were in that ice hotel. And you thought that the toilet seat was cold this morning.

See, this is why I've learned to hold it in...

I assume shrinkage was involved.

No blue shirt? Although I'm guessing other things are blue.

Should have an Icehouse beer sitting right next to him.

The iceman cometh? Afterall, I can't see his right hand.

Careful, son. You'll knock some ice out with that thing.

Dave, you must save this on some sort of external drive or DVD or permanent family archive. I think it may come in handy in the future, so I am saving one for myself in order to amuse and annoy various relations on creative greeting cards.

Looks like Al Gore patiently waiting for Global warming so that he can get his ass unstuck from the toilet seat.

We up here in the Midwest are looking forward to global warming after this winter.

Are Canadian newspapers really still that large?

Dave, I've always wondered: What inspired the carving of a half-moon in outhouse doors?

Probably reading the airline ads for Florida.

My sister-in-law lives in a mountain home on the Montana-Idaho border. Not only does this look like an accurate representation of her outhouse, her outhouse is on the Montana side. This means that you go to the outhouse an hour earlier than when you left...

"Dave, I've always wondered: What inspired the carving of a half-moon in outhouse doors?"

According to a source I found, in Colonial times, public facilities were marked with a crescent moon for ladies, and a star for men.

When you come upon an outhouse in connection with a residence, I don't remember noticing either, just a square cut somewhere high for light and ventilation.

Thank you, pogo!

Is that Paula Deen??

Nope. But he'll do.

Welcome, MOTW. I know the guy who wrote this.

I thought the half moon represented one's half assed friends.What do I know?

Talk about having your assets frozen.

Is that ron?

This is not a good resemblance to Dave. He is much younger and thinner than that guy. Also I'm learning that Pogo is the brains of this blog.

Could be the color resolution on my laptop, but at first glance this looked like an old marble cemetery mausoleum.

nursecindy - fyi - pogo's border collie does much of his blogging. Shhhh...

Siouxie - it could be ron. He was supposed to shovel the driveway, but he never came back.

If pogo is so smart, how come he is so damned literal?

Don't you have some sheep to chase or something?

I love this! Is it low-flow or low-snow?

What is it with Dave and the frozen north lands??


Oh, wait, it's just an ice sculpture?

It's not for a wedding, I hope? Not much chance for THAT marriage!

And the half-moon serves as a warning: Don't sit all the way down: Beware of splinters, spiders and splashes. You Have Been Warned.

Hope there's not an elephant anywhere around him.

That's high-class architecture for Timmins. Webcam

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