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February 25, 2009


Riding a geyser of raw sewage, the toilet slammed into Okolie and knocked him to the floor, Okolie's attorney said in court documents. The sewage, the attorney asserted, "overwhelmed him and spread to all rooms of the basement."

(Thanks to Sally and Ralph)


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Let me be the first to say *that job stinks*

boy i hate when that happens.

Not that this blog would ever make fun of anyone's name, but in Hawaiian, the word okole has an apt meaning.

"Okolie is seeking unspecified compensation in the case"

A lifetime supply of heavy duty soap and cologne might be a good start.

I think that 'Splodin' Commodes opened for Fecal Matter at The Outhouse back in the day.

"Riding a geyser of raw sewage, the toilet slammed into Okolie and knocked him to the floor."

At least they weren't riding a geezer of raw sewage. Worse, much worse.

He's not taking anymore crap.


Judi, if you or His Blogness find any stories that out-"EWWWWWW!" this one, kindly refrain from posting them.

If there's a news article attached to this,I didn't see the need to read it.

That's what you get for working in an effluent neighborhood.

Was the geyser called Old Faceful?

This sounded familiar. If the link works, check out the great toilet explosion at the King County courthouse (Seattle) in 1989. Cut and paste, don't know how to do the hot link.


New Hawaiian sport, vertical body surfing.

"Riding a geyser of raw sewage,..." is one of the best sentence starters ever.

Geyser of Raw Sewage WBAGNFARB.

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