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February 25, 2009


Monster pig terrifies Hessian motorists

(Thanks to DavCat)

Wait a minute: Weren't the Hessians the ones who fought against George Washington? If so, the hell with them.


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It is really only a normal-sized pig, it just that every vehicle was bought from Hess at Christmas.

Why did the Hessians not cross the road?

Because they were chicken.

Time for a barbeque!!!!!

Dave, if it weren't for the Hessians and their love of beer, Washington crossing of the Delaware wouldn't have gone nearly as well, and the Republic might be dead.

Porky's III, A Night With The Hessians.

Yes, Texgal, we Southerners know what to do with a monster pig--build a bigger fire!

Monster Pig, Monster Pig
Does whatever a Monster Pig does
Can he block all the cars?
Yes he can. He's a pig.

Moi will move when moi is good and ready.

Allen, so do we Cubans. Piggy roast!!

Wussians. It's a pig!

Run away, run away it's a pig.

That's some pig.

Siouxie, Cuban-Floridian counts as Southern to us! I'll bring the sauce...

Monster pig...reminds me of a night in Crossett, Ark. A lot of alcohol was involved.

WTFBBQ? I was just going to market.

We're gonna need a bigger boat grill.

Some pigs are more equal than others.

This is obviously the little piggy that went to market.

Traffic Ham?

If you can't get through, all you can do is pull over and put the car in pork.

I like the dubbed videos where everybody's screaming in German but all you hear is "Hogzilla! Hogzilla!"

I lived in Hesse for 8 years, and I gotta tell ya - the drivers there would have just run it over or gone around it. I guess they turned into roadwimps once I left.

They wouldn't bar-b-q it. They thought us Americans were weird because we ate ribs, hamburgers, and hotdogs. Ok, maybe I can understand the hotdogs.

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