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February 20, 2009


Check out this forklift-safety video. It's a little slow getting going, but has some strong highlights. The 3:44 mark, for example, illustrates a forklift hazard that would never have occured to this blog without the aid of drugs. And after that it gets weird.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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That was John Cleese with the chainsaw, right? Right?

They should ask for more than a Florida driver's license before they hire these guys.

The film has its own website. Under the Credits tab you can see who played Bisected Herbert, No Hands Gunther, and Plummeting Helmut, among others.

I'm thinking that guy just wanted to get rid of a few coworkers.

LMAO too freakin' funny. Good thing I'm going out to have lunch today!!

My fav part is the bisected dude. Nice special effects. Great acting. A sure contender for an Oscar.

And yes. I did see it all. I couldn't stop watching. I blame Stephen King, of course.

Yup ... a fun-lovin' bunch, them Germans ...

Who said they din't have a sense of ... macabre "humor" ... ?

(Tho I find it interestin' that they use a forklift of Korean manufacture in Germany ... hmmmmmmmmmmmm ... )

I have speakers turned off, is the sound track:

Da Sie hatte einen schlechten Tag.
Du bist die ein nach unten.
Sie singen ein trauriges Lied nur, um ihn herum.

Just in case you were ever wondering what would happen if Wes Craven directed a safety video...

I'm still laughing.

Ich bin ein Impaler.

I'm thinking good ol' Klaus is due for a promotion.

Poor Klaus...he's just not forklift material...

Reminds me of the last time I drove around Orlando
Damn Florida drivers.

Sam Peckinpah lives!

Geezer Alert!

The guy at the flipchart in the beginning is definitely related to Sgt. Schultz.

You know the Germans always make good stuff.

I think it is really hard to fire employees in Germany, so instead they use the stimulus money to let a forklift operator go to town.

If Vlad the Impaler ran a warehouse...
From the guy who lost his hands - Two thumbs up!

Siouxie, which half of that guy would get the Oscar? Wait, he's more like fourths, or one half and two quarters. Shoot, I hate complicated fractions.


Klaus should be OSHA Director.

Sorry, Annie. I just got back from lunch. Met yet another blog person - Boo Augustus @ the Herald. He's even normal! It was fun! (I know he's not gonna read this because he's on vacation enjoying the gorgeous SoFla weather but it was great meeting him.)

Oh...I'd give the Oscar to the half that can hold the award. If he's got any fingers left.

You got to meet Boo? I'm so jealous. He's still employed, too. Wow.

"Here at Clive Barker industries we offer full medical to one-half of our staff, and suplimental Scotch-Guarding."

Yep, Annie! Nice time was had.

Freddy Kruger moving and storage. Masterpiece.

Freddy Kruger moving and storage?

Do they have a branch in Aventura?

I sent this to my son who was out on a gig to LI with his death metal band. He said the whole band watched it and were horrified. I felt so proud to fulfill my role as a father.

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