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February 27, 2009


Now they're using octopi.

(Thanks to Guin, jj, jon harris and catmanmax)


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The brand new ecologically designed floors may have been damaged by the water.

This seems like poor ecological design if the designer didn't take into account that there might be water on the floor of, you know, AN AQUARIUM!!

Good think the octopus wasn't at the Michigan car wash or she'd be in therapy too.

Back about 1960, something brushed against me in the surf. I grabbed it and brought it up against my stomach even over its struggle to get free. Then, I dropped it.
That octopus is probably still in therapy.

sharoncville - yeah that made my head explode too.

Picture here

I don't think she meant any harm, it's like the song says, "girl octopuses just want to have fun..."

Well, at the risk of pointing out the obvious, "Curious Octopus" WBAGNFARB.

And I am also shocked that no one thought an aquarium's floors might get (gasp) wet!

I wuz thinkin' mebbe "ecologically designed" meant "simpler" ... as in ... "dirt" ...

Of course, water would never harm a dirt floor ...

Sheesh! And these people went to college?!?!?! Must've been in ... um ... someplace with "advanced learning" methods ...

Evidently, the terrorists are also using cats. Cat vs. Octopus. New blockbuster summer movie.

Speaking of design flaws, why was the water valve inside the tank?

Where can I get a highly tactile female to play with my valves?

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