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February 27, 2009


(Thanks to Joe and DavCat)


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They are hoping for new evidence in the Dick case to pop up?

Never thought about keeping it in a case, actually....

I thought this was about the guy who took the whole bottle of Viagra and died (happy) after the 12-hour threesome...

If death lasts more than 4 hours, see your doctor...

Did he did from excessive self-flagellation?


So...Dick's pretty stiff now huh?

Die da die di eda de die die die.

Siouxie - Where were you and your machete on the night in question?

Jeezely, it's bad enuf when one person knows about ED ... now they gotta have a jury decide if it's really a problem?

...and his wife is anxiously awaiting the rigor mortis

Scott, I plea the 5th. Where's my attorney when I need her??


Layzee, do you blame her?

Wait a minute...I'm confused. Did they say they didn't find dick? They didn't do dick? They don't know dick? I could go on, but you all get the point. I figured I'd just dick around.

If they found dick, then he'd be spotted, right? Which would make him British, and therefore explain the use of Viagra and the giggles at the rigor mortis.

Key Quote...

"the grand jury was shown evidence on the physical restraints used on Dick"

I'm not ashamed to say I got a little excited reading that

OH and I am VERY disappointed that no one has mentioned that with the lack of evidence, they should have known it wouldn't stand up in court!

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