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February 28, 2009


We hope.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Wouldn't work with diarrhea soft poop.


I have no words.

Cake decorations?

So when is the guy who thought of this up for parole?

I'm speechless.

I'm kinda wondering what Matt was looking for when he found this gem.

Or mebbe not.


"What Mom? You said I shouldn't play with my food, right?

I have a friend who is a cake decorator.She has children.And a bathroom.The possibilities------?????

Even if that is a joke, the twisted mind that though of it...wow.

Presumably designed by those folk who thought up the snot snucker.

When did the Sling sh*t go out of style ?

Godfrey Daniels!!

A new wrinkle in playing doctor for the budding proctologist.

"You might feel a pinch"........

Freud. would. love. this.

Coming Soon: Poopy Time Religious Symbols. Now your kids can take a holy sh*t.

Not so much a joke, sadly enough.


It takes the play-doh spaghetti attachment to a whole new low.

Hi, folks! Are you down in the "Dumps" overa retirement fund that's going down the "Toilet", fixated on the "Stinky" economy that's "Wiping" out your "Future"?

Well, "Flush" those cares away! You don't have to settle for an ordinary Trillion Dollar "Cr4p" Sandwich? Shrug off that "Load", Atlas, and turn that frown upside down with a fabulously fluted, decorated "Creation" from Mme Antoinette's "Let Them Eat Caka" boutique! Way better than the TARPie (the blanket bailout with restraining sleeves)! Not a shallow, decadent waste of time like inferior productions, this is 2 Houses (of Congress) 1 (Decorating) Tube, for a Stimulus You Won't Overcome! Get your 2H1T today!

(Results may vary and are never typical. May "Tank" your economy in rare cases. The cake may be a lie. Fear itself may not be the only thing to fear. Not guaranteed not to leave a "Dark Brown" taste in the mouth.)

Snork, snort, snort, snork. Thank God for bathroom humor.

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