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February 20, 2009


But here in Florida, she's just got her eyes squeezed shut.

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie, Kevin Meerschaert, Dan Fischer and Frank C.)


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um, ewww.

Sounds like they need a few cats. (Worked for me!)

Sounds like Mr. Jingles finally made it to Florida and has been busy.

When I was teaching English in China as a much younger Alias, I had a problem with mice in my apartment. One in particular would not leave or be trapped.

I decided that he should become my pet.

Shortly after gaining the the new perspective on the animal's relationship, the mouse died on my birth certificate. I think the chemicals on the treated paper were toxic.

It's all cute and funny until one of them dies in an air vent. In July. Yes, I'm speaking from experience.

When the wave of plague hits the country we will know who to blame for it.

And gross.

Cats...or a farmer's wife.

Is Krista a Marx Sister?

I blame the layoffs at Orlando Disney World.

*Packs bags and carving knife*


*Suspends cheese over edge of table, above woodchipper*

*hires 2 cats - feeds cat that catches mouse*

Do they all have Florida drivers licenses?

Cats are good. They certainly dealt with our neighborhood's mole problem.

There might be one problem though. I can see the cats constantly coming up to someone inappropriate like the judge or jury foreman with that proud "look what I brought you! Didn't I do good?" attitude and a dead mouse in their mouths.

Mole problem?? That's what I need -- a cat!

*checks handbag*

I once attended a Dartmouth College workshop for emergency responders about head injuries. A neurosurgeon did a double-take when a mouse scampered into the front of the auditorium and stopped to lick itself. He looked at it and said, "I guess everybody can attend my lectures." At least it wasn't in the O.R. Somewhere at Dartmouth there is a video of that presentation, with a closeup of the mouse.

Interestin' quote: "They're probably getting more press than they deserve,"

Yeah ... mice, Britney, Paris, BM ... the list is endless ...

Well, this kitty won't be able to do catch those mousies. Rest in peace, Socks.

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