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February 27, 2009


(Thanks to Wizzy, catmanmax and Karen Bridgers)


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I'm betting he's single. Siouxie?

Is he insinuating it was consensual?

Explains this.

I'll pass, cindy. Butt thanks ;-P

well, that just sux.

actually I wish I had sent in that one; (sigh) so much perversity, so little time...

Given that car wash vacuums usually shut off just before you're finished, requiring another 75 cents, I'm wondering...nevermind.

could this be related to the elephant post yesterday ? I mead HOW he used the vacuum was not mentioned

yes, meaN !! .... get off my back ! oops, wrong thread for that

What, hot rods can't be brought to car washes for vacuuming now?

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