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February 23, 2009


"I looked down and there was a ginormous deep-fried cicada in my chips."

(Thanks to Keli Minick)


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How concerned could they really be about what they eat?

How concerned could they really be about what they eat?

Dunno, Whizzo Cheesewiz. Some people have to cross oceans to eat so well.

They're high in protein, too!

Oh, you said fries, not flies. My bad.

♫ Hakuna Cicada ♬

They always said cicadas were edible.

(Then again, they said shrimp was edible.)

It may have been in the fries but I doubt seriously that it was deep fried. The wing membranes would be unlikely to survive the temperature of cooking oil.
Other than that, it looks like it tastes better than the fries.

Better a large, fried ciacada, than a large live flying ciacada.

That's what you get when you ask for Extra Crunchy.

Where was that McCasa, anyway?

SuperSize it?

Maybe next time he should think outside the bun.

large *snork* @ Meanie!


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