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February 28, 2009


Keeping You Safe From Fish Pedicures

(Thanks to Jos)


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And it's so hard to get the fish to sit still while you buff their little toes!

And I was SO looking forward to a fishy-pedi.

I am so happy to be protected from fish pedicures.Like I don't have any common sense.

Thank god, cause that had been a real nail biter up till now.

i can still dangle my toesies in the creek though, right??

PETA will consider this a major victory. The poor exploited little fishies!

*tosses "toe flakes" to the poor undernourished fishies*

The whole thing sounds fishy to me.

I blame the loansharks.

Lots better than pirana pedicures. Oh, My, He's up to my thigh. Oh. Me, he's up to my knee.

help me find other outraged hairdressers over the new laws about not using rollers or clips on more than one client without sterilizing first and having all rollers and clips in a sealed container for each client! No one has ever gotten anything from rollers or clips and after thirty years in thebusiness I'm told I have to wear gloves to shampoo my clients to protect them!! From what??

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