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February 26, 2009


You can help NASA name Node 3!

(Thanks to William Carroll)

This blog voted for "Buddy."


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I sent in "Booger"

Interesting .... the voting and name proposing mechanism is now gone from the site....

i voted for "the pee-pee inn" (since they drink own pee onboard that thing) (shudder)

It is time for this community to come together and hijack this Node.

We must choose one, and elect it. Individually, we are funny, and entertain the intern reading the suggestions. Together, we actually name Node 3.


heh! we broke the NASA poll.

The Trekkies (of which I am one) have voted. 'Enterprise' is on the most suggested list.
My suggestion was Thunderdome.

OK Will. "Enterprise" was my second choice ;-P

"Dave Barry Lift Station 16 Annex"

If the name is good enough for the fine people of North Dakota, it's good enough for space.

It's back. I wrote in 'Montpelier.'

Maybe we should vote for 'No 3.' It could mean 'node 3,' or '#3,' or 'there is no 3.'

Or maybe we could chatter mindlessly about it for a while. Whatever works.

L'il Johnny, though it appears to me those Firefly fans have this election in the bag.

I demand organization, on par with the poetry.com hijacking. Dave/judi, I think we need either a poll here to decide what to name the node, or an executive decision.

We will be your loyal followers.


Node 3: "Ebony"
Node 4: "Ivory"

Hey, they've got to scan and rhyme, right?

so node #3 is for number#1 only?

"Hey, babe, can I connect my module with your cupola?"

"Nice refrigerator-sized rack!"

Had the poll been working or even visible on the website, I would have voted for "elephant scope."

it appears to me those Firefly fans have this election in the bag.

You betcha.

I suggested Moonshine...With the downturning economy we will inevitably turn to backyard brews just to survive. Moonshine represents our past and our future. Except for the occasional lead poisoning from too much moonshine, I see no downsides.

I can name that cupola in three nodes.

Cupola white chicks sittin' around talkin'

I selected groucho.

Pannus - even the materials to build stills may be in short supply. I always preferred mine condensed through a Chevy radiator, but there were Ford guys and Dodge guys.

Ya know we could tried for Freemont J Crapweasel, famous poet.

I voted for "Rhumba Room".

I voted for 'Suggest your own".I thought it had a nice ring to it.Did I win again?


My neighbor asked why his radiator kept dripping. I thought the question was a euphemism for his prostate but maybe he meant his still.

I dub it, the Francis Ford cupola.

Being a classy guy I submitted "Booger", but it failed to make the top ten list.

Arrrr...this is fun...I seconded Booger. woof. (runs off to bite something)

I submitted an anagram for "Node Three": "Hetero Den"

Annie, I too, voted for Montpelier.

NASA is wondering where the influx of juvenile name suggestions came from....ssshhhhhh....

M'ville ... where? I din't see any juvenile suggestions ...

Heh. Let's all send in "Xenu".

I submitted Dave Barry.

In return I am hoping for a ride in Air Force 1 when Dave is elected President.


I notice that NASA is going with optimistic names like Tranquility, Serenity and Unity. Why not be more realistic and call it Flaming Ball of Death, which is what it will be if anything goes wrong. Or how about Lowest Bidder Parts.

Am I the only one who supported The Blog by voting for Buddy?

I suggested Stanley Kubrick as he is my all time favorite film maker.

Make that 3 votes for Buddy!!

Buddy's got my vote...two syllables... quick and easy. ... Serenity sounds like a model name from the Acme Casket Company of Swellwood, Mississippi

I voted Jack Bauer.

Shecky. Kinda looks loke a Shecky.

I vote for syncretism: Capt. Habbo Hammertime "Dave" Milliway's Lupus-Free Sanitary Flying Dollhouse Weewee Booger Liftstation Thighmastershot Portal For Hope And Change And Thetan-Clearing ShamWow! In Space.

Or Wienermobile, for short.

Or, Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf.

I submitted an anagram for "Node Three": "Hetero Den"

Nice, Jeff. Also ...
The Red One

Node Three And Its Cupola =
Anus-eptic loaded throne

Woof....MelloYello???? Anybody? No? (Goes off to pee on the fence)

I went with Serenity. Doug came in a close second.

I also suggest Dave Barry. Then I cleared out my Internet cache and reset my cookies and voted a second time. The second time I submitted "Ramparts".







Serenity now!

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