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February 22, 2009


William Shatner wants to be Prime Minister of Canada

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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As he said about 10 years ago...

This could be big.

If he takes Celine Dion with him, he has all my votes. (He lives out here near me and I never even noticed his Canadianness.)

Not Fair!

If we've had to put up with him on TV all these years, we should get to have him as POTUS before Canada gets him back ...

Uh-oh. Now they're really in tribble.

To boldly split infinitives in a whole new land!

Well he'd likely be picked to run by the Canadian Liberal Party and there's no question he's goofy enough to pass the standard test.

He should at least take a shot at being governor and senator in Illinois first and second.

I dinna know how long I can keep it t'gether Cap'n, er Prime Minister.

Snork @ SW. My auxiliary dog's name is Tribble.

Denny Crane, PM.

Ohhhhhh Can a da!


*shakes head*

Why not?

It's just the first step to Ruler of the Federation of Planets!!!


Are you familiar with Milton, Captain?

All your maple syrup are belong to us.

I guess the Priceline gig's not going well, eh?

Sure looks like he's eating ok, Siouxie.

Love that picture. I want a bobblehead of myself.

Prime Minister Tiberius? I can't get behind that ... (stupid bot)

because Canada has that brainalyzer thing now, so if Shatner can mindmeld with Stanley Ipkiss or Guru Pitka ... (stupid bot)

he'd have no problem cheating at Kobayashi Maru. Or possibly Marumori ... (stupid bot)

since Canada's really wormy big. (stupid bot)

oh dearie dear.

oh dearie dear.

That's what she the stupid bot said about my post. So I had to chop it into pieces and smuggle it in from Chihuahua in rolled-up red carpets. Or vice versa. So sorry for the giant sucking sound.

Put a bunch of the Star Trek conventions into Ottawa, change the passport requirements for Americans to return, raise the price of land and suddenly Canada has solved the economic crisis without any cost to taxpayers.

Actually, that's not such a bad idea. Get 1,000,000 people to pay $10,000 for US citizenship (or Canadian citizenship, eh?) and use the money for infrastructure projects. Remember, you heard it here first.

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